27 August 2011

back to school

School is in session -
Always time to learn, I guess

It's actually very easy logic:

If THIS makes you feel better,
And THAT makes you feel worse....
Which one should I choose?
(Yet which one DO I sometimes choose?)
Disappointed smile

Flexin' in the kitchen
whilst making meals
that support my goals - 
In weight-loss AND in life!
Party smile

Egg (or tuna) salad is a hot weather fave
cuz ya don't have to cook (much)
or heat up the kitchen!

Crustless Quiche  - lovingly made for me
by a family member - who I inspired to
go back onto Atkins! He lost 80 pounds...
But, like any diet, when you stop following it,
the pounds find you again!

I set a 5 pound range (gain) for myself
The line I never want to cross - 
And haven't yet. Till now!
But that's ok. By the time I write
about it I'm already back on track.

Back back back to my happy place
Hold on - my banana phone is ringing.....
You know I can't get calls at work!
Winking smile

Hope your day is happy happy happy!
And strong!


  1. I just heard my banana phone ring...are you on break?

  2. I like the flexing in the kitchen shot. hah. I had egg salad night before last--avocado, eggs, organic greens, cilantro dressing, with a few leftover bits of chicken. So numsy. I like salads in summer. Less heat the better.

    Keep on going. Kill those regained pounds but good!

  3. Our best friend lost over eighty pounds and after all the trips to the doctor and all the hard work he eventually gained it all back. Like your family member. The crustless quiche sounds pretty good. What is in it?

    Your salad looks scrumptious and light and cool. We have been using spinach for salads lately.

  4. Great photos and great looking food. Have a nice weekend!

  5. 5 pounds is also my "safety" range


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