31 August 2019

back to fasting

No food, no wine. 
Too sick to eat. 

So why no fast? 

The fan in the room broke.
I had cold chills all shift. 

Queequeg fasted
before he started his journey. 

My boy is really loving Moby Dock. 
We read every day. 
It’s the highlight of the shift. 

A quiet night. 
My housemate still
 is not speaking to me. 
The old silent treatment! 
Back to high school- lol. 
It’s probably 2 years overdue. 
The silence is golden. 

My plan is to do OMAD
Mostly Catnivore. 
I should probably fast 
at least one day a week
For maintenance. 
If I’m going to use this tool. 
And if it’s good enough for Queequeg,
It’s plenty good for me. 

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