21 August 2019

and she’s back

Well. My joy was short-lived. 
The killing nurse is back. 
She took back the day she gave me. 
And they company let her. 

She needs to go. 
But ironically, they fight to keep her. 

I have no choice but to go on
With Plan B. 

Hamburger and Wine,
One glass only. 
Red. It was good. 
And I slept great. 
I didn’t want to get up this morning. 

Drive through warehouse neighborhoods. 
I guess I work in a warehouse 
For humans. 
Nursing isn’t what it used to be. 

Had to ride on the transport van. 
The seats are made to accommodate 
Morbidly Obese Patrons. 

I am trying to get my Little Man guy
Into the same clinic 
Once treated Love Dove. 

The clinic is called Complex Care. 
Special Needs Kids 
With multiple problems (issues)
Are treated there 
Under the umbrage 
Of one provider. 

Instead of going here for stomach,
There for neuro,
There for vision,
And way the fuck over there 
For everything else. 

I actually suggested this 
about 25 years ago -
kids with extremely complex 
And specialized needs
Just can’t be seen by anyone. 

Like what happened to my Angel. 
Regular rules don’t apply to these kids. 
And you’ll make it worse 
By trying to make it so. 

It’s 56° F in Helena right now. 
14° C. 
Ahhh - to sleep 
with the windows open. 
And hike a little now and again. 

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