01 September 2019

friday to me

I perceived I didn’t even roll over. 

My new favorite thing. 
Sausage , Egg, Sausage, Cheese
No biscuit. 

I spilled hot boiling tea 
On my watch! 
Forget my hand. 
Skin grows back! 
But my watch! 

First day it was below 30° C
86° F - at 6 am. 
We’re an arid zone 
But with humidity. 

So my fast. 
Yesterday was the 
Islamic New Year. 

And they cooked a Goat. 
My fave. This is a feast. 

And well...
Try again later! 

Happy New Year! 

I put the Sennheisers 
On the boy yesterday,
And put on Beethoven 5. 
He sat and listened to the entire thing. 
He loves learning. 
He’s fascinating to watch.
He was fully engaged. 

Once for Love Dove,
I played the entirety 
Of Handels Messiah. 
That fussy girl 
Sat and listened to the entire thing! 
Pure Love on their faces. 

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