22 January 2022

neutral days

Lousy sleep. 
I dreamed about my ex. 
She came back and wanted to hook up. 
I think I threw her in a river. 

The orange and red were off days. 
Off from work. No watch worn. 

I’m going back to working just 5 days a week. 
6 is too many. 
4 is too few. 
5 sucks but it’s the best answer.

Crystal clear cold mornings. 
It’s just below freezing here. 

When she cooks- she cooks! 
Yuge Bigley pan 

I think I’m there now. 
This whole year. 
I was looking for a single event 
But for me it’s a process. 
A COVID process. 

I’ve waited forever to hear it. 

I’m not a Buddhist- but I am. 
I’m not a Christian- but I am. 
I’m a Course Student. 
And I’m finally understanding. 
It took a lifetime. 
But luckily for me- just one lifetime. 

Ego Ergo Ego 
Back to work. Lol. 

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