26 January 2022

clean up day

Lousy sleep. 

It’s 9 am. 
Already walked more than I did last year. 

FatHeads Brothers Son’s Pizza. 
Step one. 
Well- step one is to make the crust. 
It’s just cream cheese and mozzarella cheese. 

Truly good for LC. 
And no heartburn. 

Billy’s Mobile Auto Detail. 
This man saved my life. 
More than once. 
More than twice. 

Kelly Raspberry said she can’t zip up her pants. 
Because of COVID. 
And now me as well. 
This can’t be. 
I can’t stand tight clothes. 

When you’re sick and tired 
Of being sick and tired- 
You change. 
Well that been me for a year. 

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