05 December 2010

fasting days

Let me start by saying that fasting 
is not a great way to instantly drop a ton of weight real, real fast.
It's an ok way, but not great - all things considered.

I sometimes fast when I am at work,
And there is no food, like when I forget my lunch.
Or no good place to eat food.
Or the family is without food.
Like in a shelter in the big, bad city.

Or like Judy Garland here, who probably ate
beans from a can like a hobo, as they say. (lol)

Or when I work in some ramshackle shack  
in the middle of nowhere...
Or even if someone's dog eats my lunch - it happens!

I know some people who fast, 
and donate the money to people in need.
Or save it up for something special!
I know some people fast as a monthly ritual.
Or once a week. Or even once a day.
One of my first efforts! *link*
And here and even here!

Or maybe, it's just a way to break the bonds that eating 
compulsively seems to have on some of us.

So the reasons and combinations are endless.

You won't gain weight on a fast.
How could you, when you think about it?
So don't worry about the "metabolism mythology!"

For most of us,
missing the occasional lunch probably won't 
make your entire diet fail,
by making your metabolism crash.

But on a fast, you might not lose as much as you think.
And dammit.  Fasting is hard! 
Physically, emotionally and mentally!
You must be "prepared" to go on a fast.
Or, like so many things in life,
the experience will be traumatic, and not pleasant!!

For some people, fasting can be the start of a slippery slope.
So the ratio of benefits-to-results is way off.
At least for immediate, substantial weight-loss.

As someone told one blogger:
"Say 'Hi' to Jesus for me when you die from fasting!"
Something like that. Interesting comment!

Having said that, I have posted that I do fast
from time to time, and I never fail to drop a pound or two.
Or more. Like a "jump start" back to basics.

Many LoCarbers have done well with ADF!

Meet Harry from The Wowee Zowee Menu Blog!
His ADF experiment lasted a few months.
And he had great success!

Most of us need much less food than we think we do!
When I was 200++ pounds, I would say
"It's not going to hurt me to miss a meal or two!"
It's "ok" to be a little hungry.
It won't hurt me to learn a little:
Frustration Tolerance
Delayed Gratification
How to better deal with Impatience and Inconvenience!

Me last week, after my last fast, which was 5 days long.
It was a "Catch-As-Catch-Can Fast."
An experiment to see if fasting really helps with
Visceral Fat.... the last 15 pounds.
I'm not as disciplined as I should be
about diet, or fasting!!

[So far, it is the ONLY thing that has helped.]
I once felt "guilty" that I wasn't "fasting right" or something.
My ego was quick to tell me that I should follow
the rules better.... "Fast within the lines," so to speak....
Well, realistically, I just do what I can!
And I'm ok with that, too!

Fasting is currently in favor as a way to 
"detox" and "rest" the organs.
When people are ill, they miss meals!
There are many, many benefits to fasting.
Live long and prosper and all that.

Some times, on a "fast," I just drink water.
Lots and lots of purified water. 2 -3 litres a day.
Sometimes, I have protein shakes.
But not too many grams of protein! 
75 - 100 are the magic numbers for me.
Sometimes, broth and "clear liquids."

And never fast for more than a couple of days.
Without medical supervision. 
Whatever that means.

I take my blood sugar about 4 times a day 
or more when I fast. And no, I am not diabetic!
But it is always higher when I am fasting!

I always do my exercises when I fast.
People say your metabolism slows way down when you fast.
That simply can not be true 100% of the time.
Especially if you "put out" more calories than you "take in!"
Because that is what metabolism is! 

I think though, at the end of the day,
just going back into Induction would work
as well, as a correction.  Good ol' time and effort.

Fasting is not a good way to make up for lost time;

It's not a quick fix, or a way to "cheat" on your diet.
The "basics" still count - still apply to us all!

But I guess each person is different.
I just know I am starting to learn 
what works for me.
I have completed two Fat Fasts:
Almost all you eat is fat. 90%!!
The idea is that you don't use insulin at all.
Each "meal" is about 200 calories.
5 per day. For about 5 days.
It's  called The Keckwick Diet.
Atkins says it is a great way to Jump Start
a LoCarb diet, or make a correction if needed.

There's  also Alternate Day Fasting (ADF)
And Intermittent Fasting (IF) *link*
And many many more sites related to fasting.

 I started ADF because I am reducing 
my dietary fat intake. For lymph reasons. 
And the food was sooo bland (after all this time on LoCarb)
that I said "Sheesh! Let's just skip it!"
Rather than eat what everyone else must endure.
Plus, it makes sense that if you are in a fat-loss mode, 
your body has it's own supply to use!
No shortage there!

Gratuitous pictures of Yummy Pumpkin Pie
(Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free with a pecan crust)
If you can pass the test of hunger, you might be ready to try a fast!
So, if you want to try a fast, Go easy, do it right...
One meal - maybe one day.
That will be plenty! Especially to start.

Do some research and get your
facts right, and your expectations set.
Links to Eat Stop Eat
and many many more!
And maybe don't start fasting unless you can 
continue it as a way of life..... long after the diet
is officially over. 

The goal here is to help re-train our metabolism.
And our thoughts about food, 
And our thoughts about our bodies.
Our thoughts about ourselves!
First - do no harm!


  1. And that pretty much wraps up
    every thing I have learned about fasting!
    Sorry it's sooo long....
    Hope it was informative, though!

  2. Did you call out Santa as Chubby ? Straight to h e double hockey stix my green tinged friend..

  3. Great post, Anne. I've fasted from time to time for spiritual reasons. It's always been a good experience. I like the idea of detoxing, and giving your body a rest from the work of digestion. I think you just gave me something to seriously think about for 2011. And I like your statement about it being a "way of life."

    Have a great Sunday!

  4. Excellent post full of good information and encouragement.

  5. Verrrrry informative! I appreciate that and also, have saved some recipes to try from the links you sent me a couple of days back :-D
    I hope you have a great sunday!

  6. Great post, Anne. I am going to check out some of the websites you listed. I know it works for some people, and I want to know more. Thanks for the great info.

  7. Great post, Anne. I frequently fast for one meal a few days a week. I didn't start and intentional plan to do that. It just sort of evolved. It did help me reach my first goal.

  8. A great post.

    I have found that I really thrive on fasting and it does reset my approach to food, it helps me to take on "hunger" and stop the fear of hunger by evoking it and staring it down.

    It also helps me to focus on the mental processes that drive me back to making bad food choices.

    And while I don't know about spirituality, being hungry does help to give me a dose of humility.

  9. Very informative post, Anne. It's good to get your personal experience. Thanks for the links too - some very good helpful reading there!

  10. PS Anne, this post is an inspiration and comes just as the right time for me, as I have just had a spectacular fall off the wagon. I don't do anything by half measure! I'm linking to your post, hope that's ok with you.

  11. That's really interesting. I'm not sure how that would work out with hypoglycemia. Have to read more about it..

    A question for you or perhaps a future blog post topic: is ketosis bad for you? I've seen you mention it before and I swear I've read somewhere that it's bad for you. I'm pretty ignorant about it. :)

    Whatever you are doing must be working because you look great.

  12. Good info here
    blend of personal experience
    with didactic material
    and links

    I'm very tempted
    to try ADF


  13. Thanks ya'll - and yes that's me
    doing a sorta-kinda
    one-armed inverted push up!!!

  14. Thanks for all the info on fasting. Truthfully the only way I'm fasting is if I have to and even then I'm complaining all the way lol.

  15. Good post. Yes, it is good for us to feel our hunger.

  16. Thank you for explaining fasting to someone who has never done it :)


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