08 December 2010

the importance of being earnest

7947 steps so far...
1825 is the time (military)

7 day memory

Show steps, miles, calories, g force (?)

This little pedometer came from Brookstone!
And at $39.95 it does alright!

No memberships - no monthly fee!
Just replace the batteries a couple of times a year.
I wear mine constantly!!
For over a year now!

It has an accelerometer that tracks movements 
in three different planes....so you can even carry it in a bag.
Fully programmable. Easy. Not too pricey.

In case Santa decides you get more than 
just a lump of coal! Been good?
Last year's rail push-ups  
are soooo  "Last Year!"

Maybe this will be more of a challenge!
4 feet up!

Looks like a Fail Blog about to happen!
Still got a ways to go, eh?
One-handed - and that's the arm I broke!

With all my new-found enthusiasm,
I have re-re-restarted the so-called
"Fit" part of my plan. As in "Fitness."

I now walk 30 minutes before work 
and 30 minutes after work. Most days.
Plus my bouncer - a Cellerciser....which I love, too.
Probably 20 minutes a day there... Most days.
Now I'm really on the rebound.... lol!

I have my old job back now,
and the hours are 8 am to 8 pm...
Plus driving.... Doesn't leave time for
 alot of walking during the day.... 

I tried to  "power walk"  late at night.
After work, about 9pm. At first, I didn't like it.
But then I decided I liked it alot. Cuz I walked 
myself into a state of tiredness, and slept good - finally.

A salad with Green Goddess and 1,000 Island dressing
Smaller portions, half a can of tuna... one oz pepper jack cheese,
and those little flakes are red peppers.... like for pizza peppers!
Oh, and let's see....
3 liters of water for the challenge. All good there!

And get this..... 3 days now with NO COFFEE,
(virtually) NO Monster, NO Guarana, NO Sudafed.
 Just one two Advil a day.  And very few missed beats!!
Pulse is no longer in the 40's!! Yay!

I ended up with a migrane - 
so I had to "cut back" a little slower, I guess!

I switched to decaff coffee, rooibos tea, and green tea...
lots of B vitamins, Ginseng and Elutherococcus Senitcosus,
and some DMAE every now and then...
Maybe some Bacopa or other Nootropic.

Trying to see if Cortisol is as bad of a "Big Bad Wolf
At The Door" as they say.... 
Atkins says to limit caffeine during Induction, 
soooooo - it iz outta here!  Maybe Cortisol / Caffeine 
factors into the Visceral Fat Theory??

So no one can say I didn't try!!
I tried, and I am trying with all my little might.
Look - I'm even standing on my head - almost!
Hope your day is going well - even great!


  1. I don't smoke, I don't do drugs, I quit drinking, I eat healthy. Caffeine and processed foods are my last vise.... sheesh getting healthy is plain ole boring!!! LOL

  2. And here I thought "Ernest" was a movie character!! Incredible push ups!!

    Thank you for sharing the photos!!

  3. Big thumbs up on the push ups! My upper body is jello. Your work ethic here is stellar.

    May check out that pedometer...got a cheapo at Target that died after a week. Thanks for the link.

  4. OMG!!
    I need to go lie down after those push up pic's!!

    Should have had a health warning attached!!!!

  5. Yep, Anne, thanks for the reminder on the pedometer. You showed it to me over coffee the other day and I'd forgotten about it. That may be my stocking stuffer to me.

    Oh, and I am suitably impressed with the pushups!

    Happy Wednesday!

  6. Very cook pedometer. Those pushups look brutal. With your work schedule, I really admire your commitment to walking!!


  7. Ahhhh! If I attempted putting my feet on a sill like that, I'd get STUCK in that position, or break my neck or something. My photo would show the EMS responders in the background, running to my recue. LOL I am definitely NOT that limber - or I am, but am not about to try that (just yet). I'm impressed.

    BUT, I'm even more impressed that you've given up Monster drinks! (Anne?! Caffeine free?!!!)

    Your heart has got to be loving you about now! Well, you kicked it up a notch, so you are going to be in wicked shape for the wicked Texas Meet Up!

    Congratulations on your daily 60+ minutes of exercise. I feel like a cowpie by comparison - I just sit there, look pretty, and wonder how I ended up here. LOL I just HAVE to get better at regular exercising!

    Thanks for posting the ped information. I need to get one of those.

    Have an outstanding day, just not on a window sill.

  8. I am seriously impressed with those push ups. Just as much as giving up caffeine. Admirable! I don't know too much about cortisol, other than it's a stress hormone that doesn't help weight loss at all. I hope you'll tame it. Considering all you are doing you certainly should.

  9. Your newest form of push ups are so badass - and I love it!!! Of course I will have to try doing that...will let you know if I break my face. ;)

  10. holy cow, the only person I saw doing pushups anything like those was my ex, he was a military man--i guess it makes perfect sense! Id do a face-plant trying those things! Big ups for you on that stuff!!

  11. Look at you with those pushups! You're tough!

    I'm impressed.

  12. I have Pedro which is my omron that does the same thing :) 7 days and i can wear it any where including my purse!
    Oh my now you've got me wanting to go try those push ups. So if you don't hear from me i've knocked myself out :)

  13. your neighbors probably can't wait for you to come home. Who took that one handed push up pic?!!!

    I'm already behind one blog entry ...how does this happen?

  14. I'm a walker
    gets challenging
    buckets and buckes of rain today
    more tomorrow
    and the next day
    and the next
    30 to 40 degrees
    muddy (understatement) trails

    thanks to you
    and other recovery bloggers
    I keep sloggin' along

    you have more gForce energy
    than anybody I know
    no caffeine?
    betcha it won't make a dent
    in your daily output!

  15. My neighbor who broke my
    wonderful camera took this picture.
    I had to do it to "let go" of my fear
    of breaking cameras! So far, so good!

  16. Just bought the same pedometer, thanks for the tip. Pedometers normally don't work for me due to my lovely uniform requirements at work.

  17. Dec 25th and still way back on the java....
    just so ya know......


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