07 December 2010


Have some cake? Pie? Cookies?
No - Not This Time!

Many Thanks to Loretta
for letting me play along 
on Toon Tuesday!


  1. Ha-ha, I have been so blah and arg from this cold its ridiculous, but this is well done :P

  2. The red pill, the red pill, I choose the red pill!!

  3. Dang Girl I knew you were fast but these Matrix moves ...well I just didn't see them coming!

    A W E S O M E

    First I was convinced you were Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz seeing behind the curtain exposing the Wizard and his shenanigens. Now I think you are more like Neo, your mind is faster than most and you have been able to see the enemy and come back to tell us that what we have been perceiving is only half the story. Reality is just simply a choice.

    I like me the updated pyramid; the balance of the "Trinity" so to speak of
    Amino Acids/Fatty Acids/Carbs.

    Actually I just would love to look and move like Trinity for one day :)

    Red Pill please.

  4. Blue is my favorite color but I'll take red this time.

  5. Cute as always! Think I will take red too.

  6. I love your blog. :D

    Will one pill make me taller?

  7. Hey Anne, You are rockin' this weekly feature. I'm loving it.
    xo jj

  8. I'll pick the red one! Oh my i love the matrix :) In fact i watch them over and over again. After this i'll see them in a different way though!

  9. Ummmm.... 'Good on ya, Sheila! .. and 'Strooth' are actually more Australian sayings than New Zealand sayings!
    We 'KIWIS' are nothing like them Aussies...lol... there is a fairly 'healthy' rivalry between our two countries. I like being a KIWI!

  10. MPax -
    For the "taller" pill, you want to see Alice.
    3 blogs down.
    Look for the rabbit hole!


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