06 December 2010

button pusher

Today I will not push the big red button!

Make that - "JUST FOR TODAY"
I will not push the big red button!

No pushing of the buttons that are big and red.

Oh, I get it - 
It's a diet metaphor!

So, just for today,
I will not eat "x"....... 

Fill in the blank.

You know the drill.

Candy Bars.
Gummy Bears.
Junk Food.
Mickey Dee's.
See Food Diet.
L-o-l-a Lola.

I can do that!
One day a week, 
I will not impale myself with a blunt object.
Or a blunt.
Or an objection.
Or a poke in the eye.
Or a pig in a poke.
Or a pig in a blanket.

Just for this meal, I won't have seconds.
Or thirds.
Or eat the whole pie.
Then get another.
And eat that, too.

Just for this trip to the store,
I won't buy cashews.
Just this once.
I won't even go there, to tempt myself.
As a token of my being sincere to eating "on plan."

Yeah, I can do that - just this once!

For just this day in the life,
I will not buy, or get, or have cake.
Cake, cake, bo-cake,
Banana-bana fo-cake.
Forsake the faux-cake!



I get it.
No mas!
You know, this might be ok.
A day without a treat.
My inner 5 year-old might not understand.
But I do!

I will not push the Big Red Button.
Just this once.

Well, did ya push it?
Go ahead! *This* one is ok to push!

Many thanks to the people behind 
"Don't Push The Red Button dot com!"


  1. Thanks for that! do you know how many times I pushed that freakin button? Many, many times. Once again... THANKS.

  2. love this...too funny.
    captain obvious says buttons are for pushing...off to push the button now.

  3. oh, got to add my own words to the button.

  4. Yep I think I own it, I pushed it so many times. thanks Anne a good way to start my day.

  5. I pushed it many times today just because I can.

  6. yep
    never tell me not to as it is ALLL I WANNA DO :)

  7. I thought the big red button was the EASY button ... well, Staples tells us so anyway. LOL

    Nothing easy about long-term dieting though.

    I guess I just don't like to say no to myself. I'm getting better at it though. It gets easier with practice, just like most things. Who knew?

    What is Anne up to on this fine Monday morning? Is it as cold in Texas as it is here in the Carolinas?

    I hope shivering at least burns calories ...

  8. Ohhhh, I have trained myself not to even get close to the button. I am not pushing it. I do feel a bit like a robot for that. Robot vs. morbidly obese... ummm let me thing about that...

    Great post!

  9. ~~~Cake, cake, bo-cake,
    Banana-bana fo-cake.
    Forsake the faux-cake!

    ok. ~~~

    I sang that, too!

    I had ONE very small bite of birthday cake yesterday at my niece's birthday party, and that's it. I drank my water, no soda. I had my lean turkey breast with potatoes (my sister made fricasse, turkey Cuban Style) and 3 helpingso of salad. No treats. I couldnt' beleive I got through a family party with fewer than 500 cals.

    I think I do have carb bloat...but I will not fall.... :)

    Wait...is that a red button over there? Is it?? hee

  10. Big button here... Excel sheets on mine. Together we make quite an anal pair

  11. I lol'd a few times, and when the big red button told me it would kill me with its teacup, I ran!

  12. Well, OF COURSE I pushed the button! It's just, just, so pushable!

  13. Oh, cashews tempt me, too. Damn bastards!

    Impossible not to push the red button. Isn't it?

    I recently gave up my daily ice cream treat. :-O How's that going? I replaced it with yogurt and a swirl of Trader Joe's pumpkin butter. :D

  14. I know just the person to link this, too! Thanks, AnneH!

  15. forsake faux-cake?

    too silly bo-billy

    I love it to covet
    your humor bo-bumor

  16. Nah - Peaceful Bird -
    It's just a rumor!
    Humor bo-rumor!


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