03 September 2010


Ex marks the spot  ✘

Getting things done. Check  ✔

My previous pre-occupation was to look up at the ceiling.
For hours. Certainly life's answers are up there.
This is the view from the couch.

The medium scrubs are falling off -
 The "fat fast" must have done it's magic.
Keckwick diet, anyone?

Really working on this pouting thing... 
Almost have it down.....  almost - not quite!
Probably not a good look for me - time to find another!

These small towns still have original features

Didn't go.... not tempted at all, actually
But very nice to look at!

It's good to be able to walk on by
without acting (on every whim)
re-acting (to every trigger)
or over-reacting (which could go either way)


  1. Eh - not bad for almost 50....
    pounds in year....
    years in a pound...
    But, I digress....
    Hope you are having a great weekend!
    Stay safe, and warm, and not too Labored!

  2. Awesome effort - time for the smaller scrubs!

  3. Poutine..Nasty food..Even a fat guy... Although Whattaburger(?) would be awesome

  4. It's great to be in control and not feel tempted by every food out there- way to go!

  5. Anne, you are a wee one these days!

  6. Never ever liked poutine, which is good. what is the sign with the W...we don't have them here, I am probably lucky. good to let your triggers not effect you anymore. well little miss thing, have an awesome weeekend. hugs.

  7. Note for my Canadian Friends:
    The "W" is for What-A-Burger....
    And as the name implies,
    they serve yummy burgers.
    Couple of weeks ago,
    I ate all the buns I could get my hands on.
    Not exactly LoCarb, eh?
    Just now getting the "buns" off of me!

  8. PS, very sleek in your SCRUBS. All caps, wink...

  9. A note from your Canadian friend -

    Poutine (Pout ine, from your title) is a French Canadian dish all over our country. It is EVIL!!!!! Fries, white cheese curds and gravy. I enjoy it with ketchup and malt vinegar, but I haven't indulgence once since I began working on my lifestyle.

    It would go well with What-A-Burger!!! A multi cultural, culinary thing. :)

  10. Love the pink but you need small :)Love looking at things through your eyes!

  11. I'm a Canadian and I've never had poutine. Then again, I never saw Star Wars, so who am I? I see that X marking the spot. Very cool. Love the hot pink scrubs. I'd definitely pick that colour. Happy Saturday!

  12. Wow, getting ready to slide right into hot pink SMALL scrubs! Cool!

  13. small hot pink scrubs to go with your hot pink bowling shoes. Too bad I didn't know ya sooner. I gave away my hot pink stethascope (or however you spell it) and my hot pink blood pressure cuff. Nursing school scared me away. Or maybe it was the teacher. Anyway, it would have been a perfect matchy matchy to go with your pink outfit. If you are into that....:)

  14. Wow, those pink scrubs are a great color for you, especially with the blonde "do".

    I need to do a little fast around here. All I did in NYC is eat and the scale is reallllly showing it. Yikes.

    Happy weekend, jj

  15. Hi Anne! I'm calling this your WXYZ Post. W (What a Burger), X (marks the spot), Y (really, the pout looks more questioning) and Z ... the view from the couch, just before dosing off? It's fun to wander through the alphabet with you ... (as the song goes). You need new (smaller) scrubs, unless you intend to "scrub" the floors as you walk. We DO know how you like to clean ... :D


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