09 December 2010

size matters

Bad Santa!
This is not "one serving size" of cottage cheese!
(No doubt, eating whilst standing in the door of the fridge!)

Good Santa!
Half a freaking cup is all you get.
And that's if you've been good.
All year. Sheesh!

6 Brussels Sprouts. Roasted.
Yep - that's one serving.
Not half the package!
Unrealistic and unbelievable and true.

An inch block of cheddar cheese
Most of us eat that much,
just preparing the cheese for the dish!

A little bit more for Santa Clause....
A little bit MORE for Santa Clause....
A little bit more for Santa Clause!

Serving size says:
About 28 grams. Scale it out.
Not a big score for 9 grams of fat.

Carbs creep in when you are not looking.
That's the real reason these cows are laughing!

Six small meals a day is not 
six large meals a day.
Not 6 full-on meals
with 3 or 4 items on the plate.

Let's see.
What else?

Gotta watch the condiments, too. 
It all adds up and fast!

1,200 calories a day
Divided by 6 meals a day equals
200 calories per small meal!
That's more like a snack than a meal!

Is it metabolism,
 or hunger that needs stoking?

2,400 calories a day
Divided by 6 meals a day equals
400 calories per small meal.

Even Sugar-Free foods still have calories and carbs!!!
"Sugar-Free" just means "no sugar."
It doesn't always mean "no carbs."

How to test for hidden carbs:
Take the total per serving:
Do the math:  Fat - times 9
And add the Protein - times 4
Anything else is Carb!
No matter what the label says!!
Especially if it doesn't "add up" to the total calories!
More slowly-absorbed sugars are still carbs.
And they still count.
Sugar Alcohols are not always what they seem.
And now-a-days, the labeling is not so regulated!
I hope your day is measuring up!


  1. "That's the real reason these cows are laughing!"
    You can say that again! The calories sneak up fast.
    Hope you're having a great night. xo

  2. Santa Clause / North PoleDecember 9, 2010 at 2:34 AM

    Ho Ho Ho!
    Have you been good?
    Just checking my list....
    Twice, in your case!
    Ho Ho Ho!!

    Mrs Clause LOVES the "pan roasted"
    Brussels Sprouts. Elves do, too!

    Keeps me from wanting to have
    more Milk and Cookies!

  3. Calories are sneaky, sugar and carbs even worse. It's almost a full time job to keep track of all that.
    I eat 3 meals a day which allows me to have decent meals. Takes the focus off food, plus less dishes to wash and less cooking to do.

    Used to have just one meal a day, although it's worth to notice that it lasted all day from the time I woke up till it was time to go to bed. My whole day was one big meal. Scary.

  4. Great advice on the quantities Anne, a good reminder to start my day.

  5. I love the "That's the real reason the cows are laughing" too! hehe :)

  6. You make science fun!

    Thanks for sharing good info and a good laugh!

    Yeah, the laughing cow...good one!

  7. The cows are laughing because everyone thinks that the stuff in the triangles came from a cow. Science, not cheese....Loves ya

  8. I always wondered about those snickering bovines!!

  9. 6 measly brussel sprouts? Puh-leeze. Me. Want. More.

    GREAT post.

  10. I don't care what you say, I'm eating all the brussels I want!

  11. Helen - et all
    Santa told me to tell you
    that it's "ok" on the sprouts!
    Go for it, eh?
    Me, too!

  12. Can't believe I've never had brussel sprouts cooked that way. Wow! They look delicious.

    Also, what on earth is that green fluffy stuff next to the chicken and green beans? Has Dr. Seuss come for a visit?! What is it? Do tell.

  13. That is the wonderful and happy guacamole
    on a plate. Odd camera angle, now that you mention it!
    Sorry! And no Dr Seuss..... sadly......
    But that's another story for another day!

  14. im with you guys, eating ALL the sprouts, well, i'll get my own bag! heheh

  15. Ohmygosh, Anne. I should be ashamed of myself. I didn't recognise guacamole and I'm from Texas. Clearly I've been away from home TOO LONG.

    *boo hoo*

    (I'd still recognise pecan pie though. I'm just sayin.)

  16. I believe all food is laughing at me, not just the cows. :-O Hey, that could be another story. Thanks for another idea, Anne. :D

  17. As fate would have it, CHEESE is my single fave food. I could sit and eat a cow's weight of it. It's one of the tragedies of life that it's such a concentrated wee source of fat/cals.

    I want the Dairy Fairy to tap her wand over Wisconsin and Cheddar, England and parts of France and Italy and make all the yummy cheese have 1 calorie per ounce. Yes, this is my first "genie" wish, then World Peace and Miracle World Healing. First, the Cheese Miracle.

    Because I'm a Cheese Freak. I can't help it!!!!

  18. Laughing cow never gets the best of me, I spread it out and wolf it down ;)


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