14 May 2009

confessions of an oil eater

I read online (and in the Atkins book) about the Fat Fast.  Like the man said, 'what have you got to lose, except weight?' I could only endure 4 days instead of the suggested 5. But I did lose 3 pounds, which satisfied my ego and broke the plateau I was on. 

The Fat Fast was an Atkins concept based on the "Kekwick diet" that helped metabolically resistant people lose weight when nothing else would. 

The idea behind the Fat Fast is to eat only 1,000 calories a day. Up to 90% of the calories are to be from fat; the rest protein. The "meals" (which are not really meals at all) are divided into 5 little feedings of 200 calories each. Eat every 4 hours or so and don't let 6 hours go by without eating something.  An acceptable list of foods include butter, cream cheese, heavy cream, sour cream, a little tuna, deviled eggs made with extra mayo, even macadamia nuts. 

I measured out and set aside  5  of the little portions from the list of items. I  ate freely from the day's allotment as I desired;  a little more for this meal, a little less for that meal.   
Here's how it went for me:

Day One:  I was in a pure (albeit induced) state of joy. I felt better, thought more clearly, work was effortless, and I had no hunger whatsoever. My little testing strips were almost black! I drank over 3 liters of water that day, and got some walking in. I remember thinking that I hadn't felt so good for many years.
Day Two: The joy continues! Lots of exercising, bottles of water.  Again, no hunger at all!  (that alone was worth the price of admission!) 
Day Three:  A little groggy now, at times, and a feeling of just being  "so-so." I had severe leg cramps (potassium to the rescue!) And I'm tired of cream cheese!
Day Four:  The sugar-free honeymoon is over.  I finished out the day by adding in way too many macadamia nuts! Am I craving food, or variety?

 The next day I broke the fast completely by going back to a regular low-carb regime.  My clothes fit looser and I moved the scales 3 pounds. Scales lie. I know this. But....I tried it and it worked for me.

Now I know I can modify the fast anytime I need a little nudge. And I made friends with cream cheese again!

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  1. Hey, I've read about the Fat Fast before, but they make it so dang complicated. You broke it down nicely here, and I could see it in action. I might just give that a whirl!


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