28 December 2010

learning days

Every 2 years, Nurses must take CEU's
(Continuing Education - 20 hours)
Mine was due, so I chose the topic of Obesity.

I thought it would be the same-old thang....

"The Muffin Top"

"The Pear Shape" and "The Apple Shape"

But no - there's alot of  "new"  info
(as in "new to me")

Like TEF

Thermic Effect of Food
Resting Energy Expenditure
Thermic Effect of Exercise
All good stuff....
Different Learning Modalities,
Treatment Theories.

And some of the nasty things 
that can happen with co-morbidities

And our old friend insulin - we barley know ye!

Even a bit on people who maintained the weight lost,
and those who did not:

Those that lost weight and kept the it off
1) exercised regularly, and 2) monitored food intake.
[Kinda like Blogging?]

Also, the Maintainers had a more proactive and
effective way to solve problems.
Not just food problems, or weight.
Instead of using escapism and avoidance, or denial. 
Sounds about right.

Another class I took (years ago) talked about
Sexual Child Abuse.
They said that if an abused person
cannot run AWAY from the problem,
they tend to run INSIDE!

Very profound insight!

Hey Nurse Anne - What about me? Can it work for me?
(Actual patients, actually!!)

Well, I'm no expert....
I just know what worked for me.
Well, actually, I don't really know what worked.

But I do know I lost some weight, and gained some health.
And I am learning a wee little bit about true self-respect.
What ever the heck that is!

I know I'm learning, because that's what I wish for you:
health, and love and true self-respect!

Thanks, Loretta for letting me 
play along with you on
Toon Tuesday!
All of the drawings were done on my cell phone!
Hope you all are having an excellent day
Somewhere Out There


  1. yes, the same tools you use to lose weight work on just about every aspect of your life. Great post.
    exercise and monitor food intake. That is my plan...good to know it's 'doctor approved'.
    Have a good one.

  2. "Instead of using escapism and avoidance, or denial" .... you talkin' 'bout me??? Boy, did that hit hard. Escape and avoidance is what I've been doing with my blog and blogging friends--it was how I was coping with frustration. Huge eye opener. And that part about running inside? Um, that would be me, too. THANK YOU for posting this. I needed to read it.

  3. Tuesdays are lot of fun around here! And you sneak in a little learning as well. I'm sold! I'm about 99% sold on the idea of going low carb. Like so many say, what have you got to lose? Except the weight, of course. I head the worst part is the first few weeks. After that, it's gravy - so to speak.

  4. Run inside jumped out at me = anxiety maybe? Hmmm I learned something here too. Thanks Anne.

  5. Thanks, Anne! You make learnin' so much fun! ;-)

  6. Ahh, the basics. Can't beat em. Thanks!!!

    Also, I love your drawings! They have such humanity, especially for stick figures. :)


  7. Nice reminder ---- why we're overweight is NOT about the food. Most people eat too much as a dysfunctional coping skill.

    And weight loss and maintenance is about exercising, eating well, and dealing with those issues that allowed it to happen in the first place.

  8. Anne your always on the money honey. love your drawings and your info. I needed to read this today. I wish you all the best for the New Year my friend. hey.

  9. Great stuff, Anne. Thank you for sharing your journey and knowledge with us.

  10. Excellent. I want to know more about the TEF, REE and TEE.

    20 hours every two years? Engineers have to have 15 every year - one of them concerning ethics. Uh, right. They're on to us and our scheme to conquer the world with slide rules. Mwahahahaha

  11. Thanks for sharing your CEU's with us - great stuff here!

  12. I think toon tuesdays are a great way to earn CEU's. You should offer your services to Western Schools and earn some monies. I would totally sign up for one of your classes.

  13. Love toon Tuesdays.

    If they can't run away they run inside. That is so true. I guess it applies to many problems. Interesting stuff.

    Have a happy day, Anne.

  14. You just never know where you'll learn a thing or two.

  15. Hey-pretty good drawing! You know, it could be considered "art" - seriously. Pretty good stuff.

  16. Cool post-neat stuff-hate CEUs...

    Polar's Mom

  17. Thanks for the link, Anne. It was interesting to read their findings.

    Are you feeling better this morning? Fully adjusted to the new lower dosing of caffeine?

    Your heart is probably thanking you. lol Those caffeine headaches can be the WORST. I'm looking forward to seeing what the new year holds in store for you (me too).

    CEs actually CAN be interesting. How about that?

  18. I always try to take my ceus in something I can use for myself. good for you

  19. Hi Anne, I am loving your Toon TUesdays-- A LOT! Thanks for the info. I love the way you present it and help us see it so clearly.
    I think you've learned a lot f things the work for you!
    Great job, xo jj

  20. You can keep it off. Going on 3 years for me. :D

    Loved the pictures.

  21. "I know I'm learning, because that's what I wish for you:
    health, and love and true self-respect!"

    Wow... that's powerful stuff... a whole post or ten all in itself!

    Another most excellent Toon Tuesday, as usual!

  22. I love to learn and you are always teaching me something :) Thanks!!

  23. Oh, wanna hit those links! As usual I LOVE ME THE DOODLES!!!! And I love you, Nurse Anne. You're da bestest!

    Thanks for the info/edu/Continuing Obese Person Education and for the doodles. They make me smile..and sometimes make me sad (like the turning inward one, sniff).

    Great Tuesday to you!

  24. That is one of the nicest gifts of this journey: learning to respect ourselves. Great toons, Anne.

  25. Great post and awesome toons. I love your drawings!

  26. Amazing cartoons (and you did them on your phone!?!?) and very educational.

    "If an abused person cannot run away, they run inside." Very profound...I can relate (although I'm at least thankful the abuse in my childhood was not sexual). I've spent the last 55 years inside my head.

    Thank you for being there.

  27. This was very clever...and look at you and your stick people! I read every single word (and sometimes I just look at the pictures!)

  28. The drawings are from your cellphone?? Girlie, I'm jealous! :) I like this post. It got me to think. :)

  29. learning
    (outside, not inside)
    as someone I admire often says
    it's all good


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