18 December 2010

chess nuts boasting

Once there was a Chess Tournament at a convention center.
Chess players from all around came out.

They made so much noise out in the hallways,
That the manager came out, to get them to shut up.

"One thing I can't stand," he said, "is
Chess Nuts Boasting in an Open Foyer!"

Sleepy smile

Santa knows I've been good
Nerd smile

Wickedly Green Good, in fact

A statement, perhaps?

It could be worse....
You could have been riding around with me all day!
Thinking smile
Hope your day is great!


  1. I love nutcrackers. I need to get one just to inspire some Christmas spirit which seems to be lacking around here.

  2. Great photos!! Great post!! Thank you!!

  3. Chess nuts ? Stay out da med cabinet !!

  4. I lub it! So very hilarity! Haha!

  5. Lovin that nutcracker with a jesters hat, or the manager if you will! And, I also find the statement very very applicable! Have a happy Saturday & I hope you liked Maurice. I know you're cutting down on the caffeine but there is something about that wacky coffee bean; I cant stop playing with him. Im talking about Maurice AND regular coffee! heheh

  6. I don't always comment, but I enjoy your posts so much, Anne!

  7. Three nutcrackers
    two with jester caps
    if they can't boast
    the chess nuts
    who can

    I definitely like
    the Santa statement

  8. Did that Bishop in Argentina see your nativity set and take it out on those

    It takes some real chessnuts to do that.

    I'm just sayin

  9. I love the holidays, yeah I am one of those annoying folks that sing along to the Christmas music :)


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