03 December 2010

my netrition order

Sometimes, it's just one of those days....

YouTube Video
"My Netrition Order"
Sung to the tune of
"The Wells Fargo Wagon"
From "The Music Man"
O-ho my Netrition Order is a-comin' down the street,
Oh please let it be for me!
O-ho my Netrition Order is a-comin' down the street,
I wish, I wish I knew what it could be!

I got a box of LoCarb sugar on my birthday.
In March I got a great MacIntosh.
And once I got some grapefruit from Tampa.
Montgom'ry Ward sent me a bathtub and a box of straws.

O-ho my Netrition Order is a-comin' now
Is it a prepaid surprise or C.O.D.
It could be cashews!
Or protein!
Or a double oiler!

It could be thumpin' for thumone who ithhhz
No relationzz .... or it could be.... thump'n thpethyul
Just for me!
Click the picture to watch in YouTube -
I added annotations there.

Sorry  - and about the video...

No, I can't give you the two minutes of your life back!
But maybe you'll enjoy seeing my hair burn
under the Santa Cap!
Seemed like such a good idea at the time....
These things always do!

Goes to show you,
There'll be days like this!
Hope yours is a good one!


  1. Oh My Goodness Anne!
    I already thought this might be the best blog ever... but this confirmed it!!!
    I just love comming over to see what you've come up with, and this has to be my favorite so far (I'm still fairly new I guess lol)
    You crack me up- I just love you!

    I hope your hair is ok!!!!

  2. OMG I adore you so much, my mood shot right up!!!

  3. Holy cow!! Did that really burn your hair???

    This is the best thing that's happened to me all day! But darn...now I can't get that song out of my head and I have to go home and watch Music Man!!


  4. Yes, I really did!
    I smelled something burning -
    It was my own hair -
    and Battery Operated Santa Hat!
    People were laughing and pointing
    I guess they saw the smoke!

  5. I loooooooooooooooooooooooove your accent. I want to talk with a Southern Accent!!!!!!

    Anyway, I regularly get stuff on Netrition. Love them. They ship cheaply and I order huge boxes full of stuff for $4.95 shipping.Dig that. Last time I loaded up on Nature's Hollow sugar free pancake syrup, EZ SWEETZ, which I like better than Splenda, four to six drops in my hot beverage. Now that it's cool, I'm gettng some sugar-free chocolate. Mmmmm. Love the DreamFields pasta and Nature's Hollow preserves. Pricey, but nummy. Oh, and the Kay's Naturals snacks. Yeah, I likey Netrition. :D

    Make more videos! This one WAS jinxed. No doubgt about it. hahahah

  6. Oh, don't wear battery-operated hats again. Scary. It might burn your SCALP next time. Oh, my.

  7. This was so cool! Loved it! More videos, please :)

  8. There is nothing more exciting to me during the morning than seeing the UPS guy stop at my house and bring a package to the door. I LOVE packages. However, now that I've agree to curb my spending, it will be a LONG time before there are any deliveries. Hugs.

  9. Excellent! I love getting packages delivered, even if I know what it is. It's like Christmas

  10. I affear any hat that can set tresses on fire. :-O Oh no! Ms. Anne. Oh no! [a poor imitation of Mr. Bill]

    Loved the song & your neighbor going by. Makes me want a netrition order of my own.

  11. I watched it several times, so I guess that's 8 minutes of my life I'll never get back. lol

    Glad your hair is okay. BTW, I think you need a smaller T-shirt. You are swimming in that one!

  12. I can't believe you hat caught on fire! Yikes-- so glad you caught it in time.

    As always, I LOVE your videos and singing :-) It makes me smile and perks up my day.

    Hope you are ready for a wonderful weekend. We have the big UCLA vs USC football game on Friday night. Both teams stink, but we're hoping UCLA pulls it off so we can have bragging rights for the next year. It will be freezing too s o I'm pretty sure I'll be thinking of your fireplace video from a few posts back and wishing I was watching the game at home on TV :-)

    Have a great one and stay away from those battery operated hats!

    xo jj

  13. Oh my heavens - that was just soooooo funny!! I'm laughing my pants off here!!! hahahahahahaha!! I can't believe you're hair caught on FIRE!!

    You really made me laugh today - thank you!!!

    Have a GREAT weekend!!

  14. You and Michael Jackson!!! LOL next Pepsi will be calling you for a commercial shoot!!!

    made me smile :)

  15. I CAN'T WAIT to get my new computer, WITH sound system, one that has enough memory to do your video clips. I get the idea from the comments, but look forward to the real thing soon!!!!

    Never heard of netrition before this... again one of the comments was illuminating. Now I'm heading direct to their website without passing go or collecting you know what (darn)!

    Thanks for your comment... got me back in business ;D

  16. You my friend are adorable!! Ouch on the hair! Never seen anyone get as excited about splenda :)

  17. This was so cute... I loved that you left the "outtakes" in... the interruption, and I couldn't believe it when you showed the batteries and said you hair was getting singed!!!! Yikes!!!

    Funny stuff...

    Yep, I have about 3 Netrition teeshirts now. :-)

  18. I just had to watch this again :)

  19. I love your voice, and your accent, and that you are brave enough to do the wacky stuff you do. Cuz it makes my day! LOL...Was that battery operated santa hat made in china? AAAACCCKKK!!!


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