19 May 2009

I skipped lunch and I didn't die!

a brand new day

I read blogs after I sit around thinking about things. Everything I think I just came up with - viola - someone else has already done it and blogged about it!

I sometimes miss a meal at work. I don't always add more food at the next meal. I mean, in theory I wouldn't have to!

Someone I knew intentionally skipped the occasional lunch at work, then donated the money that would have been spent on going out. Someone else I know skips lunch on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to save on calories. (Plus a couple of bux!) It's like a mini, hidden society, right here in our midst!

Intermittent fasting is all over the Internet as a good way to miss a couple of calories. Most people think of it as a cleansing experience. Of course, it is not for people with blood sugar disturbances, etc, etc. Or for people who are not ready for the "down-side" of fasting. It can be a challenge.

I look at pictures of myself. I never thought that person would be me! Someone else, but not me. So I thought... what would it hurt? Would it really hurt my fat arse to miss one meal every now and then? Would I be hungry? Maybe a little inconvenienced? Frustrated? Would just the thought of missing one single meal send me so far over the edge of insanity that I would turn and destroy myself with donuts? Just because I want something, do I have to give it to myself every time?

Am I really so out of control (after missing a meal or even delaying a meal) that I must not see food, or look at a picture of food, or even think about food at all?

I skipped lunch yesterday and had an extra glass of water. I spent the time instead exercising! An extra 30 minute walk. I was already in ketosis from low-carbing, so I had no hunger at all!

It was more of an experiment than a goal. I did indeed skip lunch and I didn't die!


  1. not dying is key! ;)

    thanks for the nice comment on my blog, I'm glad you like it! :) I look forward to keeping up with yours. :)

  2. I'm all for experimenting with new strategies. Intermittent fasting intrigues me as well.

    I'm often so busy, that skipping a meal might actually feel like a welcome relief ... more time to do something else. :-)

    I'm just discovering your blog and look forward to learning more about your LC path and your life.

    Beautiful photo, by the way. :-) What an incredible sunset!


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