29 May 2009

dude, where's my lunch?

what's up with that?

For two weeks now I have done a water fast a couple of days a week. It's not a strict, obedient thing- it's a mini vacation from food for just one meal. Or two.

I started the fast, so I can end it, anytime I feel the need. It's not a contest or even a goal.

If needed, I take a little coconut oil or even a sf beverage. Just a bite or two or something. Even the day I choose for a fast is flexible. If it doesn't work out, I might try again the next day. I take my cue from how I feel that day.

They call it intermittent fasting. But more and more, it's being refereed to as "intermittent feeding." I googled it, and millions of hits came up. It's more popular than I thought!

After a mini fast, I feel much better, and have more energy. And save time! I exercise more on days I fast. I sleep a lot better, too. And drink water, water, water!

Fasting for one meal is like a 400 calorie gift. It is meant to be a joy, not a weapon to use against myself. I find fasting to be effortless, even occasionally boring. Eating was probably something I did to cover up that internal dialogue that is always going on ...ego stuff, that is not nurturing or true. Fasting, for me, is a way to face the thoughts, and as brave as a blog, to dismiss them. Or at least challenge them.

While I was gaining weight, it would have been good advice for me to occasionally skip a meal, or at least cut down. Now that I am making an effort to lose weight, it's still a good idea to take an occasional "pass!"

The worst that could happen is that I'll be hungry, which isn't likely because I'm already in ketosis from Atkins! How ironic; I wouldn't let myself go hungry when I was gaining. Now that I'm quote-unquote dieting, it makes sense that I might experience hunger!

Fasting is not what I expected, or what I was told it would be like. I thought it would be unbearable, unthinkable and undo-able. But it's not. I even look forward to my fasting days. I treat myself a little better on those days.


  1. Cool post, Anne. :-) I like that you view your journey from a philosophical perspective.

    I know one of our fellow LC bloggers (Oct) welcomes hunger pangs. You both are helping to expand my mental boundaries and the way I view diet and beyond. Thank you!

  2. this type of fast/feasting has been a life saver for me! thanks for sharing your efforts :)

  3. Found your blog thru my husband blog Fried Jeff.

    I am going to be starting a program that I will be fasting (clensing the company calls it) for at least one day a week.I'm nervous and excited to do it. I also am on a semi low carb deal. I do not lose weight when I eat bad carbs. I think I take in 100 carbs or less a day. Low carb plans give me energy and clearer thinking.

    I have also become accustomed to hunger pangs and I like them. I'm not starving and I am not going to die from them.

    Good luck!

  4. My thoughts exactly! Thank you all for reading, and thanks for your comments. I was on a 4 week plateau - frustrating! One week of IF/cleansing and I felt better, looked better, and dropped 5 pounds. Wow!


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