06 September 2019

late shift

No more anticholinergics.
Doxylamine - Unisom. 
I ran out. Quit cold turkey. 
I let myself have one round - 
2 bottles when Love Dove died. 
Then the plan was to stop. 
They’re not good long term. 

I’m also off wine. 
This is just the herb blends. 

I burned myself with hot tea. 
And now the scar looks like 
A lady serving a cuppa tea! 

Still 100° F outside. 
38° C.  
Like an oven. 

State Fair of Texas is a - coming. 

Me 8 years ago. 
What a puppy I was! 

And what a crazy 8 years it was. 
Reunions. Breakups. 
Babies. Sick babies. 
Dead babies. 
Graphic and horrid.  
Broken Legs.
Floods. Fights. 

I’m glad for my blog. 
It’s consistent, if nothing else is. 
And I’m glad for 
my friends I’ve met blogging! 
We keep each other going! 

I’m glad I am not a Binge Person. 
I would have had a regain! 

I’m also very greatful for
Fasting and IF. 
And, as always-
Thanks to Dr Atkins 
For paving the way! 
I think he would have 
Loved the Keto movement! 
Long live healthy fats! 

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