22 September 2019

crap day

Understand the half life
And you understand everything!

Red skies at morning. 

Chip on my shoulder all day. 
Dare you to knock it off. 

I got into a fight online
With some Chic-Fil-A
CINOs ...
Christians In Name Only

And just generally was argumentative 
All fucking day. 

Even Siri had an attitude. 

Everything tastes like crap. 
It’s that Autophagy Blend. 
It makes you want to fast. 

So the kids wanted candy.
I got a bag of each. 

Danger! Danger! 
We’re coming into the 
Danger Zone of Food. 
Halloween, TGiving,
and Christmas. 

Each holiday season 
is treacherous for Fatties. 

Time to storm the castle. 

Flying Spaghetti Monster
Would want me to. 

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