18 September 2019

hurricane day

So now I have like 5 friends 
Who have decided to 
Get it together forever. 

I dreamed I saw a woman
Who was pretty heavy. 
I got closer -
And I realized 
She was me! 

This was 8 years ago. 
There’s only like 10 pounds 
Between a medium and a large for me.  
But since I’m short, it shows up fast. 

Elaine calls these “Pig Nachos.”
Pork Rinds and Melted Cheese. 
I had this with canned Chili. 

Master of the house

Doling out the charm 

Life with cats. 

So here’s my plan. 
Since every food I love
Now hates me, 
I have to cut them out. 
The heartburn is not worth it. 
The relux.  And gain. 

I feel great on the herbs. 
So that will continue. 
I’ll dry fast when I can 
But that’s my mainstay 
Of my plan. 

It’s good to fast like a week per year 
Or a weekend per. month 
Or one week per day. 

Fasting can heal. 
But if you’re not prepared,
It’s a strain. 

So it’s going to rain. 
A hurricane is in Houston now. 
Coming this way. 
So I don’t have to water. 

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  1. Tonight’s plan for fasting was derailed by Hubby’s unexpected offer to come along to the gym with me - of course he wanted to grab a bite while we were in town. Big NSV’s by not touching any of the chips, and only having tortilla soup!


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