10 September 2019

3 days grace

Won’t my handsome boy 
look great in this? 

Next time, we’ll use this grill. 
All restored. 

Finally a break in the weather. 
This was the worst year I remember. 
But there was no air conditioning 
Inside. So there’s that. 

It hasn’t rained in a month 
so I bought a hose
And water every morning. 
You can water by hand anytime 
With no restrictions. 

These 70 year old trees
Are thirsty  -
Maybe no water is why 
they’re breaking off limbs and dying. 

So are 50 year old men. 
They break off friendships. 
And die a little inside. 

One month to the date
 not a word had been spoken 
to me by my housemate. And that’s fine. 
It’s  Uber awkward. 
But I like it better this way. 

He contributed nothing to 
The management of the house - 
And little to our friendship
But scolding and passive aggressive ill- will 

Life with cats. 

Getting closer every day 
to my travel dreams. 
Eventually I want to travel all year. 

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