11 September 2019

my momma

Ice Cream is out. 
It’s not really Keto, anyhow. 
6 net carbs. But 4 servings per container. 
13 grams total plus sugar alcohols. 

My mother used to say
“I like cantaloupe,
But it doesn’t like me!” 
And therefore would not eat it. 
Simple as that.  
Me- I take the torture- 
Until now. That’s just silly. 
And it’s NOT a treat, 
If it almost kills ya. 
Freaking heartburn for me. 

Body shot from the security camera. 
I water the lawn in the morning. 

Even on my day off
-I have 3 this week- 
I get up early to get stuff done.   

Like tending to Their Majesties. 
They get mad if their poop
Isn’t scooped. 

Breakfast for Dinner 
Last night. 

With a bit of Brisket and Au Jus 

They lock the baby formula up 
down here. 

A sewing shop. 

Very sophisticated these days. 

And yet...
Old fashioned. 

Back to work tomorrow 
After 3 days off. 
I’m ready to go back. 

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