31 January 2020

tooth day

Leftover Chili 

Leftover Emotions 

SugarFree Jelly. 
I give this as gifts to Diabetics. 

It says the package is 
sealed to prevent leaks. 
Guess what? 
It leaked. 

I’m finally smart. 
After nearly 60 trips around the sun. 
I wore a “cleaning t shirt”
To prevent bleach splashes. 

Excited to have some coffee today. 

I get up to pee 
(Sorry - TMI)
Around 430 
And take my Trinity
And Seven Sages. 
And go back to bed 
To contemplate the origins
Of the Universe. 

About an hour later,
I’m “mos def” ready for coffee. 
I like the pour-over. 

Trying to take my coffee black. 
Might help. 

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