29 January 2020

planning day

Things to buy that make life simpler. 

Lap time with my good boy. 

Trader Joe’s. 
Goat Cheese. With Blueberries. 
Going to do some food prep later. 

The yard is done 
The house is done. 
I’m ready to get back to work. 
Couple of last things. The car. 
It needs attention. 

And I inherited a blog. 
Quitting Sugar. 
I’m goi t to tweek it today
And start blogging there. 

Sean Anderson always blogs that 
He maintained the integrity 
and boundaries of his diet etc. 

I have too! 

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  1. The coffee pour-over is my favorite thing. I bring it with me when I travel, along with the electric kettle, and voila, good coffee! I think of those words of Sean Anderson's too, sometimes, and it's nice when I can truly say them! Sugar is one of my enemies.


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