21 July 2009

simple, but not easy

It "should" be so easy. Do what works. Stop doing what obviously doesn't work. Or what hurts.

Losing weight (or getting healthy) might be like any long-term, worth-while project. Like saving money, or walking from coast to coast. It should be linear - predictable. With a few stops here and there to take in some points of interest. Or a change of plans now and again. Or to compensate for bad weather, flat tires, or just being tired.

And for the times that you make bad choices, simply do this - choose again.
Every minute is a chance to start over.

And learn through correction, not punishment.

There's no place for guilt and shame when you are a dedicated learner. Students are expected to make mistakes. Babies learn to walk by falling down a lot, and getting right back up. With a little help, encouragement and positive reinforcement. "You CAN do it!"

It seems hard to do because it is hard to do! It is not easy. If you think it's hard today, wait 'till you see tomorrow! Now is the time. It will never be easier than right now.

"I set this goal for myself. And for what ever reason. Why would I let anything in this world of time and space stop me? Or delay me? Or talk me out of it completely?"

Some say the real "lesson to be learned" is in the mind. And the body merely follows.
Perhaps it is all about Love. All you need is Love! Love, and let yourself be loved.


  1. Anne I am on a mission as of this am when I wake up. I need to try again. Thankyou for your motivation.

  2. LOVED THIS POST!!! It is so hard at times, but so worth it.

    I am here after to be called a dedicated learner! I will make those hard choices, but if not, I will choose again.

    ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE.....for yourself especially.

    you rock!

  3. "Stop doing what hurts" is on my target list of goals.
    Once I realized that it CAN be that easy, it WAS. Regardless of obstacles. Zigging & zagging.

    "Hey Doc, It hurts when I do this."
    "Well, then don't do that."

    Dr.'s orders: LOVE FOR EVERYONE. STAT!

  4. What an awesome post!! Thanks!!

  5. I wish there were more examples of women who challenge themselves by way of adventures. Maybe our fitness journeys are our big adventures. We sure find out what we're made of.

  6. So true!

    Why is it so easy for me to accept my children try, try, trying again & again to get it right but cannot accept that easily for myself?

    I need to encourage myself as positively as I do the kiddos.

    Love is all you (we) need.

  7. well, if we kinda like pain in a sick way, doing what hurts, bridges for example, is a sort of way of "loving' ourselves. lol.

    great post anneh, ive got to steel myself for the inevitable day i cant resist the eel roll, or rosemary bread. i can no longer call a foray into carb land a "carb cycle". im offically LOW CARB! if i do slip, redecide, dont punish!

  8. correction not punishment... i needed to hear that today, thank you...

  9. I wholeheartedly agree and that is the path I took this time - correction & adaption to work with myself and not punishment. I have changed so much over the past three years. It was all worth it, and yes, the greatest change is made in the mind. Then the body does follow. :) Very wise.

    If I had started with organics, mostly clean and tofu, it would have been a joke. That I travelled there via my own choices over time is something completely different.

  10. Yeah, the hardest part is figuring out what hurts most. Doing something or not doing something.

    Loved the video - now I want to go on an adventure...

  11. Loved the video. Walking is such therapy for me and it was cool to follow him on his walking adventure - love your post!

  12. "And for the times that you make bad choices, simply do this - choose again."

  13. I here this more and more Anne, the body will follow the mind. Very touching post.

  14. ALL of these ideas and concepts were *borrowed* if not TAKEN outright from my favorite book A course In Miracles. Which I quote over and over!

  15. Fantastic post Anneh, and just at the right time for me. Inspiring words. You are such a wise woman!

  16. I totally loved that video. I mean really. It makes me want to get out there and hike. I've been itching to hike the Appalachian Trail or at least the Lone Star Hiking Trail.

    I love documentaries like Long Way Down and Long Way Round. Something about exploring just speaks to me.

    Great post. You're right every moment is a chance to start over and get back on the trail. Or blaze your own trail. :)


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