14 July 2009

hiking Haiku

This is a nod to yesterday's post about my induction story.  If anyone who loves pics wishes to see more! Click the pic for a larger view. I actually HIKED these places.  And the pictures tell a story - a pictorial Haiku! 

A pseudo-haiku - emphasizing irony, satire, humor, and human foibles, with a reference to the seasons; autobiographical, and written in the form of a travel journal.


Grand Canyon

Sedona Az


"a hiking haiku"

Driving into the storms...phone quality video, 
plus the link won't always work....
click the refresh button, then try!

"Malambo in the Desert"


  1. Beautiful pics, I'm jealous!

  2. I like 'em.

    Interesting post, as always.

  3. Beautiful pictures. Must have been an amazing trip.

  4. What Beauty!! Gorgeous and you know i'm wanting to go there now :)

  5. WOW! I am a little jealous. This pics are beautiful. Love the beauty in your hikes

  6. ive always been a beach person, but these pics are starting make me consider other horizons.....

  7. Here I was all about giving up the envy lately, but I'm jealous too. You took some really stunning and amazing photos. Sincerely, thanks for posting them up.

  8. The video of me lip-syncing was certain to have that effect! hehe

  9. I love Sedona!! Great pictures. I'm packed and ready, as soon as the temps in AZ cool down. Even tho' Sedona is usually cooler, I still think it might be too hot for a delicate little flower such as myself.

  10. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for the beautiful scenery to envision during meditation!

  11. Usually people get stranded in airports and bus stations, Anne.
    Way to show them up! :D

    I've never been to any of these places. I want to go now.
    Love the vid!

    Haiku. Bless You.

    the phrase was the only francais i retained ... appropriate for our journeys, oui?

  12. "petit a petit l'oiseau fait son nid" works beautifully as well!
    From Karen's blog at *Fitcetera*

  13. Great pix! lol Love the video.


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