10 July 2009

peanuts envy

don't envy me, join me!

Peanuts, (that's a link to Wikipedia!) and peanut butter are like the perfect snack foods. Acceptable for low carb diets, after induction. Even WW likes them! WoW!

Unless you have an allergy (obviously) peanuts are good for you. And filling. I eat some in the morning with my vitamins. And I'm not hungry again till way later.

You can buy peanuts almost anywhere, and they are easy to carry with you. They are cheap enough. They don't need refrigeration, or heating. A perfect snack?

And although they have SOME carbs, they also have MUCH fiber. It depends on who you ask, because each label is a little different. But mostly this: 5 carbs, 2 fiber. And 7 protein! Fats, yes; but that's why they are so filling.

They have Co Q10. Potassium. Resveratrol. And anti-oxidants. Peanuts are just good for ya!
I am careful to measure out the serving size. One ounce is about 30 - 35 nuts, depending on the size.
Turns out size DOES matter!


  1. I never had the peanut butter bug, I know many people can't live without their peanut butter. I eat it on occasion.

    I love peanuts. I usually have 2 every day--I sneak them from my hubby. He is like you, he loves them and has them daily! They fill him up. Me? I would have to eat more than an ounce to be full.

    Wanna know what's really good? Peanuts with regular M&Ms. Mmmm. We used to eat those a lot. (Shame on me for even thinking about that!)

    I didn't know peanuts had CoQ10. I may have to work them into my point allotment more often.

    My husband and you would get along very well, you have the same tastes and way of eating and feeling full.

  2. Sometimes you feel like a legume, sometimes you don't. I usually do.

  3. lol @ Harry. so clever is he.

    peanuts ... the 50's snack ~ in keeping with your '50s dieting-style.

    now a food scale ... THAT would measure my success in beneficial ways ... do you like yours? you purchased it from where?

    i posted my phoon pic for you. these make for interesting before pics :)
    ... "yes you can see i was indeed larger but I sure was having FUN!"

    I absolutely love your style of blogging. :)

  4. Peanut butter and a tart apple are a great snack!
    Thanks for reminding me!
    And have a GREAT weekend!

  5. The kitchen scale - it's the only scale I use every day. I don't know what "correct portion size" is. I got this scale NEW from a pawn shop, long ago....it's the portable version... Target has a countertop scale that's not much larger.

    Karen: L-O-V-E the Phoon pic!

  6. Love my peanut butter on english muffin for breakfast. It carries me well into the afternoon.

  7. i love the snap, crackle of eating shelled peanuts. the red skin is full of good things they say!

  8. Peanut butter with an apple is one of my favorite snacks. I bought a big jar of almond butter at Costco and it just isn't the same. :(

  9. Thanks for the info, Anne.

    re: your phoon pic ~~ new film by Merchant/Ivory ... Phoon with a View.
    took me awhile but I got there ... lol

    wait'll you see who's phooning now ... too funny.

  10. Karen, I think your Phoonster met with "foul play!"


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