15 July 2009

I'm a loser

more bEATltes songs

I've got a good reason for taking the easy way out!

I Dig Into A Pony
Twist and Shout/Gotta Get Me Into My Pants
I Saw Her Standing There Eating
Penny Lane Bryant

Happy Just to Frass With You
Got To Get It Into My Mouth
I'm Only Sleep-Eating
Paper Bag Biter

Taxed Man
I'll Fry Instead
You're Gonna Lose That Grill
Knowing She Would (This Bird Was Eaten)

She Got Stuck In The Bathroom Window
The Continuing Story of Buffalo Wings
Rocky Road Raccoon
or Rocky Ragu

Ticket to Rye
We Can Work (It) Out/Why Don't We Do It In The Road
I've Just Seen My Face/I'll Cry Instead
You Won't See (Half Of) Me

Carry That Weight/She's So Heavy
Mean Mr. Mustard/Polythene Spray Pam
Hungry Rita
Ladyfinger Madonna

Eating Through A Glass Onion
Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Blob
HELP!Get Back (To Where You Once Belonged)
A Day In The Diet

Hey Bulldog!
(I eat) 8 Days a Week
Calamari Garden
Sweet Little 16 Tons

Getting Butter All The Time
(What I Ate) Yesterday
I'm Looking Through You/Nowhere Man
I Wanna Hold Your Ham

...more from the Fat Four?

(Lap) Band On The Run
Give Peas A Chance
Dark FOOD Horse

YER WEIGH-IN  (Yer Birthday)
You say it's your weigh-in -  It's my weigh-in too, yeah!
I'm glad it's your weigh-in - We're gonna have a good time.
Happy weigh-in to ya!

LET ME EAT  (Let It Be)
When I find myself in times of trouble,  bloody mary, come to me,
Speaking words of wisdom, Let Me Eat.

And when the broth is cloudy, there is still a light that shines on me,
Shine from the refrigerator, Let Me Eat.

Shine until tomorrow, LET ME EAT!


  1. It's just too much fun ~~
    We all eat at Mr. Submarine ...
    (is that just a Canadian chain?)
    The White(flour)album
    You Know My Shame (look at my scale number)

  2. Michelle, my taco belle
    (i'm sorry i can't stop)

  3. I'm sorry to hog the comments here but Oh those Germans ... insect (beatles) excrement?
    sneaky girl.

  4. Oh gosh, you have me laughing hard here. I need some creativity! Great couple of posts there.

  5. ok ok, anneh, whats your stage name,,hmmmm? do tell :)

  6. Hey Anneh haha thanks for wanting to follow my blog!! you can join now, i added the box back... i felt so silly just talking to myself...thanks for stopping by!

  7. How about "Your gonna use that grill" These were funny and creative!!

  8. Nice work....Canada included. :) Very inventive and amusing. I have a good chuckle fest starting my day now. Thanks.

  9. I liked Gotta Get You Into My Mouth the best :P

  10. Too funny! And, about that virtual footprint, you're right...except you need someone who isn't standing in the....to tell you what they see. Thanks Anne for being the observer today.

    My sense of you is that's your gift...being the conscientious observer...

  11. Mmmm. Rocky Road Raccoon. LOL Great creativity, Anne.


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