02 July 2009

chia seeds

chia later! 

A big, "happy" shout-out to Happy Texans for the blog post about Chia Seeds.  Thanks!

I bought both kinds to try a little sample. Mine came from Whole Foods.  

Two words: Yum-my!

And good for you, in an omega 3 kind of way.

They're so tasty, too!  And watery - like a gel.

Thanks, Kelly.  Good job on your great blog - and good job bringing these happy little seeds to our attention!  Her blog tells the whole story. 


  1. i want to try these, thanks anne h, and happy texan!

  2. Hope everyone is having a great, extra-long holiday weekend! The Aztecs would use these seeds for energy when they would go into battle. Maybe this week everyone is just partying!

  3. I've never heard of these.

    If I eat them will sprouts grow from my head?
    I WILL be popular at Christmas I'm sure.
    Will I finally become someone's *pet*?

    party on ... ch-ch-chia!

  4. I just discoverd these seeds a few weeks ago. In my post about them I wondered if I'd have to shave more often and if the hair on my legs would eventually be green. They are suprisingly easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

  5. How do you plan to use them, Anne? Any recipes would be most welcome!

    Happy 4th to you as well!

  6. I just put them in water and drink them with a straw, before they get all "gelled out." Spartan, yes. It's much more for the"helpful" qualities than the taste.
    Because they have fiber etc, they act as a "target," for stomach acids. So to speak. And when I drink them, I feel less hungry. AND my hair is just starting to sprout a hint of the green...

  7. Green hair...no thanks! ;o) Are they comparable to flax seeds??

    Thanks for the comment today! No diet coke for me though...I quit that over a year ago!

  8. Ms H.

    I'll have to consider the chia situation...hmm.

    And, I have to thank the troops as you said on my post because that handsome pair of men you saw there are my son and husband. Both Air Force. Into the blue! See you again, soon. Happy 4th, Girl!

  9. "wii" the people!! For my new support troops in Blogville!

  10. LOL Will the green bend my hilights?

    I have not tried the chias. Perhaps I will put that on my next list as my next new thing to try.


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