19 July 2009

it's all phoon and games

..till somebody gets hurt!

This is the Beatles phooning. Abbey Road. They say that phooning is all the rage in Japan right now. Like I would know... I'm just now catching up to RPS! rock paper scissors...

As for me, I have managed to take almost one full week off, just chillaxin', cleaning, doing what needs to be done. Boring, yes, but remember - I am involved in the Most Boring Summer Ever Challenge...I mean that in a good way. And I think I might take first place!

Something to brighten the day...a little ditty to get you singing... Chill with me?


  1. classic genius, I LOVE THE STOOGES!

  2. Pound those horseteeth ... nyuk nyuk nyuk
    Boring is the new exciting, didn't you know?
    YOU started it.
    So you just went a 'little nuts' in 4 months. that's excellent.

  3. We just bought 3 boxed sets of the three stooges. Classic stuff. Our 7 year old loves watching them. It's fun that we can share something we grew up watching.

  4. The public education system could learn a lot from these guys. I'm still humming along...

  5. Anne..I wanted to let you know how much I needed to read the comment you left me. Thank you so much. It made me cry.

    I forget to use prayer to help with me with my problems. The reminder is much appreciatated!

    Thanks also for agreeing it's the meds...it means alot coming from a health care professional.

    Boring is the new exciting....priceless!

  6. my phoony valentine:
    How did I miss 'blame it on the bossa nova but never on a "sundae"?'
    much to jack sh*t's chagrin I will blame it on pms. ;)
    agreed: success begins in the mind but some have put the cart before the horse :D

    isn't this PHUN???

  7. So, of the fab four, turns out it was Ringo who was the mad phooner. Could have phooled me!

  8. I didn't have the heart to do it to John, or George. ....And Paul - eh!
    So poor Ringo. Always getting picked on. Just like in the movie Hard Days Night!
    And me, a drummer! tsk tsk!

  9. Anne, Thanks for the comment of my blog. I figured on the first day nobody would give a hoot and you gave me one, so to speak.

  10. Amy - are you kidding me? Look at all the happy people we have in our community, waiting to give a hoot - a shout out - or a comment!

  11. You are always paying close attention!
    It's such a fantastic song and appropriate for our journeys but lately isn't everything?
    Have you checked out Muse's version?

    Loreena has a home about 3 hours away from here.
    Stratford, Ont.
    She's playing there Tuesday night in a church. I'm trying to buy a ticket but here's me without a printer. I'll have to go to the library tomorrow.

  12. Dude - I went into the HTML and figured out how to disable the autoplay feature!!
    WooHoo! It really is a new day!!
    Am I too old to be saying things like "Dude?" That's me - always the phat one!
    I put a couple of songs on this mp3 player that have some vague reference to weight loss journeys - or not!

  13. Ya gotta love the Three Stooges-- They make me laugh every time. and now i'll be singing that some all night :-)

    I saw Amy's "first day" comment and stopped by her blog to say hello too. It's great to see new bloggers!

  14. Hi Anne,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. At your suggestion, I added a follower's section. In case you don't remember, the address is http://eatingandfasting.blogspot.com. I'd love it if you would sign up!


  15. Tom: Thank you. I am all over it!
    The good thing about having friends over, if they are intermittent fasters...not much to cook - and clean up is a breeze! *rimshot!*

  16. Oops...commented with my main blog!

  17. Hey...love blog hogs! Always welcome! Sorry just got your messages though! Yay MP3 player...great job! Glad you were able to figure it out! ;o) Hope you are having a great week!

  18. Oh no.
    Someone did that the The Beatles?

    First Jack Sh*t messes with their lyric & now this??

    For shame...I must now go listen to the entire box set...to the dismay of my children.
    {insert evil mom laugh here}

    Oh the Stooges - I have not wathced one episode since chidhood. May have to revisit.


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