17 July 2009

it sucks to be me

esprit de "corpse"

I just got back from a wonderful, two night Drum and Bugle Corp show. Not the kind of Bugles you eat, either. I always love these shows! I try to get my tickets on the front row. Months in advance.

When I was in college for a few years, I was a music major. I played percussion. I even marched in a corp one year.

My happy times on dietary ketosis just ended. I guess it's time to get off the very-low-calorie kick for a while! I was cryin' and carryin' on about how much I missed my former life as a musician.

I seem to remember that alot of college musicians go around hungry all the time. The "starving artist" thing. Kinda Bohemian. Milk crate furniture. Skinny by default. We literally practiced our butts off. Besides, "What do you do with a B.A. in English?" to quote Avenue Q!

I guess the grass is always greener... Or perhaps the Monsters are always greener!


  1. Bands, Broadway, Phoons! That's Entertainment!

    I love coming here to hang out.
    It's like a friend's parents' rec room but better.
    I love rummaging around to see what neat stuff I can find.
    I'm never disappointed.
    You make bloggin' fun.

    seems to be alot of "cryin' and carryin' on" around blogland these past few days.
    we can skip & splash through the puddles we've made and forget all our troubles soon enough.

    thanks for linking <3

  2. Well, I was never in a drum and bugle corp, but I was in marching band. I played the flute, then got smart and switched to the pic the last year.

    I used to love to watch D&B. We used to go to Drums Along the Rockies. They were amazing.

    Which one were you in?

  3. Karen - Fit - I love going to your blog. I feel the 'zact same way about you!
    Jo - I was in a tiny corp that doesn't exist any more, (Argonne) from a little town in Kansas (Great Bend.) They had a famous, world class percussion instructor (3 consecutive times national, undefeated, snare drum champion!) WOW!

  4. Thanks - in the one by the pool, the diving board said "crrreeeak!" and I thought I was gonna be in the water like Rosemary in the movie Shallow Hal...
    People kept saying "Don't worry - it won't break!" But I thought better of it and inched my way back like a nervous puppy!

  5. My little one's godfather is still in high school and very big into the whole color guard & winter guard scene. I've always loved those and D&B comps! When I was growing up we would sometimes attend the Drums Along The Mohawk comps but I haven't been in years. Maybe next year I'll take Johnny & see if he enjoys it live as much as he enjoys watching Drumline with me :)

  6. nice beat, and easy to dance to , excellent. great to a have a blog or two to visit and get the uplifting fresh air not the gloomy glums. thanks anne h! (get those dishes washed, pronto! :)

  7. Good morning, Anne.

    Hope today finds you (and all of us) in good/better spirits. I get emotional like that when I go to horseshows and I'll want to get back into the business. Then I tell myself I'll have to go back to cleaning stalls and shoveling *&S^ in 105 degree heat. The yearning usually goes away.

    Do you still have your drum? Is there a corp that you can join? Can you start one? Wanna throw a parade? I'll borrow a horse and you can borrow a drum and we'll have a parade of our own damned selves!

  8. I can tell you what to do with a BA in English. I did nothing with it!!! After student teaching, I hated the prospect of teaching the 10th grade any part of the English curriculum.

    I could be the bugle player if you want to be the drummer. We could start a blogosphere drum & bugle corps. I'm still a whiz at "Taps". :)

  9. We've got a horse, a bugle player, a drum, and a few bugle EATERS. AND we could Rent-A-Dog!
    DON'T RAIN ON MY VIRTUAL PARADE! (Again with the Broadway tunes? What, are you kidding me?)


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