18 July 2009

just the two of me

I shall now force myself to look longingly at jelly donuts

This was hard for me to watch.

No one on a special diet - special needs - would go off without packing a lunch, completely unprepared, and hope it will all turn out ok, all on it's own. Like magic. We wouldn't sabotage the efforts of someone we really loved - why would we do it to ourselves?

Just one jelly donut, what could it hurt?

They say the first year or so of change is the hardest. Relearning long-term habits.
Is changing really too hard, or do I tell myself that to justify my excuses?
It's like being of two minds. Fully committed to goals that are diametrically opposed and mutually exclusive. Having your cake, and eating it all, too.

I see myself in a list of excuses - reasons - they all seem valid at the time.
What are some of your favorites? I'll bet I thought of them first!
Now playing at a theatre near you - widescreen, in 3 dimensions!


  1. Because I want it! That's my all time favorite toddler-like reason.

  2. I seldom cheat with food intake - I can fast for days... But I like the old standby "It's too late/too early/too busy/too hot to work out.."
    "I'm too fat/too old/too weak/too tired to work out." That'll work in a pinch!

  3. ah the sting of group humiliation.

    you covered all my standby excuses. check :)

  4. "I'm the queen of excuses - I've got one for every clever thing I do..."
    Karen, I made a little present for you...top, right corner... This past week's Beatles songs were bad enough! The villagers are gathering... I think they'll take away my fan-club card for this one...
    The Phoon On The Hill!

  5. Hi Anne, thanks for dropping by my blog. I like poppies too. As for excuses I am all about starting and stopping..definately an emotional eater, happy, sad,tired,bored...so good luck with this. I am sure I will be back.

  6. just reading the words "jelly donut" made my stomach growl!

  7. I saw that immediately! For me? Thank you, I love it!
    Am I gathering from this post that we have some push-ups to do? or were you faced with temptation while away but overcame it?

    My excuses? Today ... I blamed it on the BossaNova!
    Tomorrow? Never on a Sunday!

    I think that I have told myself that it would be difficult and therefore it was. When I started to believe it could be easy ... it was!
    When I've told myself that I've *needed* a jelly donut ... I did. When I said I did not ... I didn't.
    there's a lesson here somewhere ...
    You know you are absolutely right. Those of us with these issues with food really should be prepared when we go away or are out of our own little secure environment. It just makes sense to do so. I bring my lunch to work. Why wouldn't I bring a healthy picnic of food for special events or a drive in the country. What's wrong with feeding ourselves well ALL the time. Nothing. No excuse not to.

  8. why can't i make my comments shorter than your posts? lol

  9. PS: No, I didn't cheat on a jelly donut! In 4 months of low carbing, the worst thing I "binged" on was extra macadamia nuts. My biggest downfall is not going on those mega-hikes that helped me so much when I first started.

  10. Karen - Never on a Sundae! That's a day of rest - after a week off!

  11. That was tough to watch.

    My excuse: I don't feeeel like it.

  12. ps I don't even like jelly donuts. They just weren't my *thang*!

    The idea was about HIDING food to eat later. Making excuses for the infinite ways we sabotage out success.

    Now Krispy Kreme is another story. The once or twice a year I would have a donut, it HAD to be a Krispy Kreme. The others just weren't worth the calories.


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