29 July 2009

Mouth Wide Shut

somebody stop me before I eat again...!

Dr StrangeLove

or How I Learned To Quit Worrying and Love the Scales

Wiggly Down Under

Annie Haul *ss

Madame Butter. Fly.

Lap Band Luke

South Beach Blanket Bingo

Chin Again, Begin Again

Heavy Can Weight

Lonesome Dove Bar

Kung Fu Panera

Hot Dog Millionaire

The Red Chews

Oh Brother! Where AREN'T Thou?

Bariatric My Heart and Wounded Knees

Hunger Fight Club

7 Bribes for 7 Blubbers

Dances With Wolf Brand Chili
"Eats With Fist"

Stall - Lag 17 Pounds


  1. Lonesome Dove Bar
    I've had a few too many of those :-)

  2. Your pretty good at this. I always start reading thinking what the....then its oh right...Take care dear anne

  3. Oh, no, now I will be doing THIS all day while I should be working..

    The Fridges of Maddison County (inspired by your last post, lol)

    The Oven

    The Divine Secrets of the Yum-Yum Sisterhood

    Twelve Hungry Men

    Fasting and Furious

    ....I think I shall enjoy work today!

  4. The Devil Wears Prego (I guess she's a messy eater)

    License to Fill (a.k.a. James Bond goes on a binge)

    and you can't forget the prequels to Fasting & Furious:

    The Fat & The Furious, 2 Fat 2 Furious, & The Fat & The Furious: Tokyo Graft (in which the "hero" goes to Japan for a reverse tummy tuck in hopes of fulfilling his dream of sumo wrestling ... before he learns that Sumos are actually pretty fit despite their size)

  5. Always a fun visit to your site, Anne.

    I love the quote from the course in miracles!

  6. I don't think I've ever seen a Lonesome Dove Bar, as they're ususally eaten well before they get lonely. Yours truly, the Chickpea Queen (or Garbanzo Bean Babe?)

  7. Mmmm, Lonesome Dove Bar, come to me! LOL

  8. talented blogger with like-minded talented commenters. i got some serious giggles out of this anneh! especially eyes wide shut,,lol, flashback, a g/f and i went to see this at the theater when it came out, and realized, we couldnt keep our eyes open through it, fitting name. sssnooorrrreeeee LOL


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