27 July 2009

everything is food

I would gladly pay you tuesday...

This gem is thoughtfulness is from the movie Popeye.

Everything is food, food, food
Everything is food to go
Everything is food for thought
Everything you knead is dough

It is food - everything is food

Everything is meat, meat, meat
Careful what you put on your feet
Once it lived on an animal
Now it walks along with you

It could be food, everything is food...

It's ubiquitous and enigmatic!
Thanks for watching -
this is one of my all time favorite songs..
a national anthem of thought!


  1. Great smile! Your kind heart come shining through. :-)

    Do I prefer to be right or happy? I prefer to be both ... though rarely am!

  2. i knew you liked musicals! hey, i see you've lost 35lbs in four months. wow! so do you have a goal weight or size goal, or just going to low carb indefinitely and see where your body lands?

  3. rachel - I like the low carb way of eating so much - rather - my body likes it so much. so until further notice, i want to stay with it. it would be nice to get into a size i was before, though...30-35 more pounds, but we'll see...

    Harry - you are too kind with your complimentary comments! Thanks!

  4. Everything you knead is dough. Good motto to live by today.

  5. I though that was funny Anne, I have to say that was the first movie I ever saw in a theatre back in I believe it was 1980. I had forgotten about his part until now. I can just hear Olive now. Great post . Take care.

  6. And a little bit of an underrated movie. I thought Robin Williams was hilarious as Popeye.

    I still eat a lot of spinach, just in case some of that stuff is true.

  7. I 'am what I 'am.....FOOD?

    I use that " I will gladly pay you Tuesday " line all the time! It works for so many things.


  8. Mmmmm, I love hamburgers. I often get struck with burger mania and end up stocking the freezer with them - orgainic beef, turkey burgers, mahi burgers, veggie burgers. Currently, I am burgerless. I will pay you Tuesday ...

  9. What a hoot! You always find the greatest clips! Thanks for sharing.

  10. You are so sweet! Thanks for always being so encouraging! Love the video!

  11. I love Robin Williams! And Hamburgers!

  12. Burgers! Yum! With say ... cheese! :D

    Everything is food ... including love (for the heart & mind)

    I'm with Harry ... I don't like picking favs but if I must I pick happiness.

  13. Boy, my netflix queue is gonna bust!

  14. oh wait....this IS Tuesday!

    Bonus question time...if you picked "happy," you win! But, being happy, you already know this!


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