25 February 2020


I’m damn near 60
And I have the mentation 
Of a pissed off 12 year old. 
I want what I want when I want it. 
And fuck the person who says no. 
Then I pay the price and regret it. 

I wanted a few fries. 
Really - just a few. 
The cravings hit - hard! 
I was up 3 pounds. 
My healed pancreas 
Loves to do its job
And store any glucose 
I foolishly give it. 

Even the cats know better
Until we domesticate them. 
Then, they’re just as stupid
 as we are. 

My face looking at food. 

Pete’s face talking about work. 
What a nice guy. 
I’m not that nice! 

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  1. You look a bit evil there...LOL. I have been low-carb almost a year now and find it's only monthly hormones that send me craving chocolate or greasy fried food....I'm 52 - wishing the monthly hormones would sort themselves out already!!!


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