02 October 2009

work it out

I decided to go for a mini work-out yesterday
340 # weight machine
fingers flat, mind you

sweaty after
a nice walk & work out

I made myself get out and about. I bravely posted these pics of myself.
This is me.
Yes, I still have weight to lose. Yes, I'll be 49 in a month. Yes, this is my grey hair.
I can only try. It's all I can do right now.
It has been said that there's no returning. No moving forward.
Yet we all know there is!
What could be broken so bad, that it can't be fixed?


  1. "It's never too late - in fiction or in life - to revise." ~ Nancy Thayer

    Keep going.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Nurses are heroes everyday.

  2. woohoo looks like a good workout! Great that you posted the pictures :)

  3. "What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compares to what lies within us." --Anonymous
    You are doing a great job, Anne.

  4. So, what's the problem? Who doesn't have to lose weight or have gray hair?? :)

  5. About that push up picture-- Seriously Anne-- THAT IS AWE-SOME!!!!! If I tried that, the next thing would be to call 911!!!! Next time, would you do a couple of push-ups for me, pretty please.

    And by the way, sweat looks good on you. You have gorgeous skin :-)

    Have a fun weekend and keep moving forward.

  6. go anne! go anne! you can't fake sweat! coolness. Keep up the intensity, short and sweaty is soo much easier than gentle and boring long workouts. GO ANNEH!

  7. You may be 49, but you're kicking this 40-year old's behind! Hardcore!

  8. Someone thought I needed to get out from my 3 week *rut*
    So this was impromptu- no warm up, no rah-rah. Just "let's go for a walk!"
    Thanks, ya'll for your kind words.

  9. My hope is that you feel better soon. I am 49 TODAY and I've made the decision to go grey. It looks good on you and I hope it will look good on me. Good for you on busting out of your rut a bit. I hope it brings good things your way.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Anne. Treat yourself well.

  10. I can't even do regular push-ups! Good for you, getting out there, just doin' it.

  11. I'm hard pressed (get it, pressed?) to do a regular push up, let alone the ones you are showing here. Yowza!! Très impressive!

    If it will make you feel any better I'll be 61 in Jan., have lots of white hair, I'm fatter than you, have more to lose....yada, yada, yada. At any rate, we're all in the same boat, but at least we all have our oars and life vests. Could be worse. :) Have a lovely weekend.

  12. That's a good work-out indeed and I'm sure you'd loose weight if you can follow it through!

  13. I **love** that last sentence. Sometimes I think I have broken myself and wonder if I can fix myself! lol

    I **love** your photos!!! Love those fingers flat on the groun-impressive! The pushups? If I got in that position, it may just be the end of me! lol

    You are very strong and wonderful! =)

  14. Hello Anne.
    the push-ups ... a metaphor? :D

  15. I dig your style. :) I love that calf raise machine, we have one at my gym just like it.

  16. Hello Karen
    Yes - a pictorial representation of my *skillz*
    Thanks for noticing!

  17. You, me and Roxie all turn 49 this year....crazy!! Very brave to post the pics and to have gotten out of your rut....that's what I am really impressed by!

    Hugs to you....you look GREAT!

  18. You've got to stay in shape if you're going to keep picking up guys (fingers flat, mind you).

  19. And Dana, (aka F McButter Pants)
    Karen (aka *fitcetera*) also turned 49 this year.
    Lest we forget (aka Who Could?)

  20. Its great to see your self confidence. Interesting style for those push-ups...I would've gotten a head rush doing it like that!

  21. 340lbs on the leg press? 340??? I am imPRESSed!

    You are looking great - keep up the hard work.


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