22 May 2009

on the rebound

let's bounce!

I have started working out on rebounder - which is a mini trampoline. I bought a Cellerciser on ebay. I didn't want to get a toy. I use it all the time... It's great for days when it is raining, or too hot or cold to get in a quality walk/workout.

I think about lymph drainage or lymph massage, and how, if all those cells are breaking down in a state of ketosis/lyposis, it makes sense that the lymph system could use a little stimulation all it's own. They say that rebounding is great for lymphatics.

Sometimes I rebound when a commercial is on tv -- that could be 15 minutes or more per hour!

At first I could only rebound for a few minutes. I was sore! (Bio-Freeze to the rescue!) I am gradually working up to the recommended 15 minute work out. It's much much less jarring than running and faster than walking. Plus it really is fun.

Instead of dreading it, I actually look forward to it...So far!


  1. I like how motivated you are to exercise! :)

    I rollerskate 4-6 hours per week, but that's over the course of 2 or 3 days, and on my off days, I like to do, well, nothing. hahaha! such a bad habit.

    on that note, my rebounder is glaring at me as I type this! ;)

  2. Many moons ago, I used to work at a holistic clinic. They were big advocates of regular rebounder work outs. As you mentioned, they liked the promotion of lympathic fluid flow and the non-impact muscle stimulation.

    I'd love to know more about your experience with it as time goes on. I'd invest in one myself ... if our ceilings were higher. :-)

    Hope you're having a great weekend. :-)

  3. It's ideal for me, not having to drive anywhere, or get dressed up... it's handy. And it's not easy! Rebounding is a real workout! Thanks for all your support.

  4. What is rebounding? Do you just jump on that thing? If so, it looks fun.


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