29 January 2019

o’keeffe dreams

Drat the luck! 
Miss O’Keeffe’s homestead 
Is closed the week of my vacation. 
I’m glad I checked. 
So I booked an extra day early 
To make sure I get to see it all
And not be rushed. 

New Mexico and Arizona 
Don’t observe DST
So I don’t want to be driving around the wilderness 
At night -in the dark- looking for a Tipi. 

I added that time designated for Abiquiu 
To going early to the Vermillion Cliffs. 
Which is really the heart of my trip anyways. 

This trip is to commemorate 10 years of Low Carb
After getting snowed in a little fishing lodge 
in Lee’s Ferry- in 2009
And thus beginning my low carb weight loss journey. 

Can’t wait !
I spent all day watching TV yesterday 
From being quite ill. 
I lost 5 pounds solid matter. 
So I’ll take it! 


  1. The pictures of O’Keeffe and Ghost Ranch are from Wikipedia. Just to get that “out there.”

  2. The Vermillion Cliffs were awe-inspiring to me; I wanted to stop & poke around Lee’s Ferry but alas, there didn’t seem to be any place to park my horse trailer (I’m very cautious about going INTO anyplace I can’t easily pull out of). I hope to be back on the Kaibab Plateau next Labor Day!


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