24 January 2019

off to work I go

I have scheduled myself to work 
7 days this week 
Just to keep busy. 

I’m at a facility where
They feed the staff members. 
They brought me this. 
Oops- I ate the bacon already. 
Last night they brought a cheeseburger. 
It was pretty good. 

Still Snaking... down a pound
 a day even with food. 

Again. I was shocked
To see this. 
I though I slept well. 

This is how I feel. 
Not quite my old self. 
It’s so simple 
But none of this is easy. 

1 comment:

  1. Too busy for sure but it is what it is. I almost forgot my pants! Lucky for me it’s freezing outside. So I would have eventually remembered. Lol


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