03 July 2011

resistance bands

These are resistance bands.
Put a few of them together for more resistance!
This would be about 34 pounds of resistance.
(Red + Green + Blue)

I could be on the Go Go's album!

Resistance is useless - it is useless to resist -
This is my fave stretch evah!

This looks innocent enough - right!
Create some resistance - pull the bands.
Keep them close to you.

Then push the bands away - still keeping the resistance.
Not so easy!
Then turn it all around and do the other arm!

Life's a bridge - a hard core bridge.
Flat out - knees bent - feet apart.
Engage the core here....

Push up and hold it!
In CrossFit - we count up -hold - 
and count back down .....S..L..O..W..L..Y...

Muscles use certain pathways - over time...
The first few seconds - ATP.
The next few - Creatinine Phosphate.
Then, Lactic Acid....

So just working a muscle is one thing.
Holding it - like slow burn work outs....
THAT is something else!

The other day in The Box,
I had my very first side stitch!
I'm a pseudo athlete now!

Awesome! Having a great day?


  1. Never thought I'd be so glad to have a side-stitch!
    I was going around braggin'...
    Fist Bumpin' all the class!

    Some Brisket is cooking in the Crock Pot.....

  2. Does side stitch equal pain? You are into pain? Yikes.

    You are doing a great job showing us the various exercises you do. Thanks.

    Have a great rest of the fourth of July weekend.

  3. What does this mean you are boxing now too. My grandpa used to box my ears...does that count. lol.

  4. Good Morning!

    When I think of all the $$$ I've spent over the years trying to be a gym bunny when all I needed was my skipping rope, some bands and a mat and my body.
    What's great about this stuff is that you don't have to worry about fitting in some workouts if you're travelling. Or if you lack the funds for $$ gym equipment or membership.

    Have a lovely brisket-y Sunday, Anne!

  5. Thanks - I need that Go-Go-Go!

  6. You are hard core now :) Oh and you have cute legs!

  7. Your fitness program is like walking for me... free and easy to fit into a busy life! You've got me thinkin' about getting some bands. Hmmm... and beef brisket too...

    Who took the pics of you? Fun to see your workout!

  8. I took the pics myself with a tripod and a timer!
    Up down Up down Up down about a millions times!
    Well, maybe just a hundred!

  9. A camera stand and remote button???

  10. Ha! I left comment two before noticing you already answered my question... Good exercise... getting up and down a million times!!! Bravo!

  11. Glute bridges are evil...but ohhhh so good for the hamstrings! Thanks for posting that - you're awesome!

  12. Thanks, Kristy!
    I think it's good to know that
    a person doesn't have to be
    20 years old and an athlete
    to try some routines!
    I just do them the best I can!
    Heavy as I am - this very day.


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