29 July 2011

cross fit days

The essence of CrossFit

Warm up when it's too hot to run outside -
backwards - whilst carrying 1,000 pound anvils

Little kids always want in to CrossFit - 
One snuck in and was jumping rope...
She looked me square in the eye -
as if I didn't know how to jump rope,
and she was showing me!

Oops - can you spot my Fox Pass?

Just another day in the box -
I crossed the threshold of the door...
(my only goal - on days like this)
I got in - and I didn't walk out.
So that counts! Yay!

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. Roe?

    You sure are dedicated. Good thing you don't let down that determination.

  2. I love your threshold goal! Somedays are just like that. You are rocking this thing!

    And does your fox pass have anything to do with fish eggs?

  3. Caviar my dear lady? Full of protein!!!

    You are a CrossFit machine...and crossing over the threshold is what it is all about!

  4. Good for you, Anne. You are doing great. Cross fit sounds scary to me. All exercise is scary right now.

  5. That always looks like hard work but fun :)

  6. I think it's mazing that you do what you do. You're stronger than you think. :)

  7. That's cute that the kids want to come in and check out the CrossFit. A good influence for them!

  8. I thought I saw "Clamshack" on that list! yummy hehehe...You are kicking butt. Usually walking in the door means you're staying. I find the hardest part is getting there---but for me, my torture device of choice right now is inescapable (livingroom!)Keep up the good work woman!


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