12 July 2011

less fat

Sooner or later, most Low Fat people realize they 
have to also cut down on carbs....
Sooner or later, most LoCarb people realize they
have to also watch the fats...

This is some fat that came to the surface 
of some brisket I made in the Crock Pot...
after I put it in the fridge to cool.
That's alot of fat.
I skimmed it off, and tossed it out!
Plenty still remained, I'm sure!

I was eating 100 - 150 grams of fat a day...
Probably a good level, 
at my former weight.... But now,
my smaller body can process much less
of the stuff!

Someone on FB said to try Bison....
I was like "No!"
And then I was like "Well...."
And now I am like "OK!"
We'll see....

FitDay link (click the pic)

Right now, it's fish, chicken and protein drinks -
with the occasional hot dog or hamburger
thrown in.... stuff I already had on hand,
but don't buy so much of anymore.
These charts are eye-opening!
I had no idea my carbs were still so low.

I also got the results of my CrossFit 
tests.... I am up 4 pounds...
3 pounds of actual lean muscle!
Since April. Including time off from work -outs
 from my concussion and shoulder injury!
 I didn't see that one coming.
My measurements are down, or the same.
That's why scales can lie!
Winking smile

Hope your day is great!


  1. I like buffalo, it makes a great chili and kofte kebab.

  2. mmm sounds good...I think Ive had ostrich burgers and bison burgers a time or two! And congrats on the Crossfit tests, amazing lady!

  3. Thanks, y'all!
    Even Atkins said his plan wasn't a ticket
    to eat all the fat you wanted - all the time!

  4. I recently got Bison filets at Costco. AWESOME! You should try it. You are doing so well. I know I need to decrease my carbs so I'm working on it. It's hard with these steroids I'm on.

  5. That's a lot of fat off the brisket!

    Great job on the muscle increase...you are so right about the scale. It lies!

  6. You are so wise to do measurements, and congrats, buff woman, on the muscle increase! :)

  7. Kudos on the muscle gain. I want to know how the meat tastes. Anxiously awaiting the results!

  8. I can really see your cheekbones in that profile of you! Wow, skinny chic you are!

    I actually love bison burgers which all the bison I have had so far.

  9. Yep, the scale lies when you're adding muscle. And high five to you! Are you feeling stronger???

    Let me know how you like the Bison. I see it at the market here all the time and have yet to try it.

    xoxo jj

  10. I was wondering your opinion of the ease of using Fitday for tracking for a low carber?? I am trying to learn to do the online calculations, and the one on Sparkpeople is frustrating, cuz there are so many things I use it never heard of in it's database. Like stevia extract, or chia seeds, almond flour, etc etc.

    And yeah, from the little I've learned from the calculator, the next thing on my radar is fat! High fat, medium protein and low carb. But NOT humongous fat! LOL! And I think mine got skewed... so that's why I need to find a good nutrition calculator. :-O

  11. Loretta -
    I use FitDay only because my trainer asked me to...
    He can go in and see the reports at a glance.
    And I probably have at least one Fit per Day over it!
    Very time consuming.
    This one is just as hard to use an any other, I guess.

    I made my own "custom food" entries.
    Take ham roll ups, for example. I input the data as best I can.
    And ignore their recommendations altogether.
    Fortunately for me, I tend to eat the same things over and over!

  12. I make lots of dishes ahead of time so that I can refrigerate and skim off fat. I feel the same as you - I'm sure there's still plenty left behind!

    Congrats on the muscle gain. You'll be superwoman before we know it.

  13. Scales don't lie outright, they just don't tell the whole story.

    I've always wanted to try buffalo. I' hear that it's quite tasty.

  14. I do low carb and low fat too, or I do when I'm on plan. I recently recommitted to getting back to my fighting weight. I've put on a couple this summer but am still within my goal range. Just uncomfortable being at the top of the range rather than at the bottom.

  15. I haven't been worrying about the fat too much but I naturally tend to trim fats from meats.

    Good job on the muscle gain. That's awesome!!!!

  16. Eating the same thing over and over does make recording things much easier. I don't use Fit Day or anything pre-made ... I just add things up and blog. The chart you get is very cool. Grats on the muscle gain ... I can see the fitness in your radiant face.


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