01 July 2011

jump rope days

Magic Bullet makes for a quick icy protein shake.

An ad for a Blind and Drapery Truck

Did 50 jumps at CrossFit...
Probably managed 15 or so in a row.
Last time, the best was 8.
Time before that - 2.

Hold the rope like this - it should come up
to mid chest.

Wrists low and steady - 
Just the wrists turn to move the rope!

Getting the timing down is golden.
Haven't jumped rope in like 40 years!

Work Out of the Day
One minute circuits with 30 second breaks.
One minute rest. 3 of these Grand Rounds.
I don't know what they call them.
So I call them Grand Rounds.

2 protein shakes today.
Some brisket c SF BBQ
No hunger. Just sleep hunger!
Buenos Nachos, everyone!


  1. Happy Canada Day - and July 4th weekend to everyone!

  2. Happy 4th to you, Anne. I admire your rope jumping capabilities. I'm not sure I could do it without hurting myself.:)

  3. Skipping rope is for kids!
    and we're all somebody's kid.

  4. You look like you are having so much fun skipping rope. I love the look on your face.

  5. I see you got your head back!!! How thoughtful of your trainer. I am scared to skip as I believe it would cause some sort of seismic shift.

    The birdies look so cute in that sunset picture.

  6. Oh now I'm going to have to find a skipping rope :) That is once the ankle heals!!

  7. 50 jumps and you were rewarded with a gorgeous sunset :-)

    Jumping rope is HARD. I've never been coordinated enough to make that happen again as an adult. High five to you. And your photo is fantastic and happy.

    Blind Person Driving- Ha! Great catch.

    Happy long weekend. xo jj


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