16 July 2011

milk way

Went to a cute little Asian store 
looking for some coconut milk. The kind of store
that also sells fish heads, and "handsome coconuts."
That's what the sign said. 
Well, they were pretty handsome!

All kinds - cans... of coconut milk

This one looked good - but has been expired
for like 2 years. They guy said - 
"Not for you."

My Sore Sandal - Soap!
For sore sandals every where.

I like the coconut milk for a base - 
for protein shakes. It thickens it up a bit.
Coconut oil is solid at 76 degrees!

My DaVincy Sugar-Free syrups are getting
a good shake this summer. I make an ice-
blended smoothie a couple of times a day.

I had to cut back on the number of scoops-
I was getting too much protein.
The muscle gain (3 #) is good,
but too much is no good... so back it goes.

The lower fat is still working quite well for me.
I don't have a gall bladder - I lost it somewhere
in and amongst the sands of time.

So the lower fat is good.
My former doctor/ surgeon
 (the one who took out the gall bladder)
Said to take a spoonful of metamucil -type fiber
every day. "Doc!" said I.
"Are you vexed?" I queried.
"You know this is not a problem
for me. I don't need silly psyllium."

But he said the fiber gave the bile something
to regulate it... something to hold on to....
Especially now that about 100 grams of dietary fat
has gone away!

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. I didn't get any handsome coconuts though....
    A lady came in and took the last of them!

  2. Anne love your blog, I was going to do one for a few female friends that have started low carbing.But don't have to now as yours is fantastic and light hardhearted and FUNNY. Be cool if you would document a average days food intake then i could just tell my friends just eat the same as Anne, and all will be fine.

  3. All Metamucil type products have aspartame. If you want the fiber, use ground psyllium.

  4. TechnoBabe -
    I did not know that!
    The specific brand I have here is Konsyl.
    They keep it locked up - you have to ask for it!
    Must be very dear!

    Walter -
    I sometimes put my food pics on the blog....
    But they are almost always the same things.
    Might be boring! ;D

  5. Anne, coconut milk sounds good. I need to give it a try. I've been wanting to try almond milk too. I already use soymilk due to lactose intolerance.

  6. Mysore Sandal Soap is great to prevent moth from destroying wool. And it smells fantastic!


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