24 July 2011

in and out

Rock Paper Scissors with myself...
One one hand, I always win!

How my patients must see me!

Cooper Clinic's Lifestyle Weight-loss plan....

Says in the book that Fruit is a complex carb!
I did not know that.
Silly me - I always think "starches"
when I think about true complex carbs.

I guess since fruit has different kinds of sugars,
they can call it "complex!"

Also says to eat less sugar. hmmm.... good idea!
And more fat - keeps you from being so hungry.

I drive past The Cooper Clinic
All The Time.

The sign says "Stop For Joggers"
And they have cool statures of joggers all around.

I worked there once - years ago - when I was heavier.
Had a post-op case. Brought my typical McD for dinner.
Went to heat it up... No microwaves in the rooms!

Took my dinner down stairs...The concierge actually scolded me - 
"You know better than that!" Tsk tsk!
I guess he thought I was part of the Phatty Pharm!
Alrighty then!

In -n- Out Burgers are the new thing in DFW.
Now I never have to go to LA again!
Except to see my blogging buddies.
And the ocean, of course!

Very hot here.... still! It's like getting a free sauna!
Oh, and the Multi-shakes are going great!
Lots of energy - I can barely sit still - at times!

Hope your day is wonderful!
Think: cool!


  1. Is that a STEAK on the cover of the Cooper Clinic Book?
    I do believe it is! And it looks darn good, too.
    Put that on your grill and schmoke it!

  2. Maybe it'll cool off in your neck of the woods now that the heat wave has moved up here to Oregon!! :-O

  3. we did just get a CARLS JR---but still no in & out!

  4. Having a good day here, Anne. I'm glad you are doing well. We don't have In and Out Burgers around here. It might be a good thing though. I do better making my own burgers at home. I can make them extra lean.

  5. Loving the shakes. Hey, I got the shakes! LOL
    I tried the vanilla powder with coffee, almond milk and caramel flavoring. Very nom!

  6. I know shakes...my quads at yoga tonight!!!

    LOL! Hope your day was funtastic!

  7. Less sugar and more fat sounds good to me. I haven't weighed myself but my clothes are way more comfy lately.


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