15 July 2011

happy singing day!

Step-Up boxes that are pretty high up

CrossFit yesterday -This is the whole "gym."
No machines... no mirrors... 
Not huge by most standards.
But it feels like a second home to me!

Weighted Lunges (10#)
Push Ups (bar)
Kettle Bell Deadlifts
KB Bent-Over Rows
Weighted Sit Ups (10 #)

And the usual jump ropes, bridges, 
hollow holds, and marches - for warm-ups.

I'm not really getting "better" in the ways I expected.
Because every time I reach a new level,
they move up the weight - or reps.
So it's never "easy" - or at least on 
an easy plateau for long.

I use the smaller 4 kg kettle bells -
But that's still a fair amount for me.
I started with one pound dumb-bells at home!
For the deadlift, I use a big huge red one -

Yay! My shoulder is 99.9% better.
The only time it hurts is when I am driving,
and put my elbow on the seat divider.

The sidewalk sign out front - this powerhouse 
of a lady is 70 years old! She's the one in my class
who literally runs circles around me.

The ever-popular Almond Milk!
I never noticed it in stores... 
now it seems to be everywhere!

Dang - things have alot of fat in them!
I still go with the lower carbs.
Yuk to thin, watered down junk!
And yuk to fake fats!
LoCarb has spoiled me!

My Billy Idol snarl....
Needs some work!

Hope your day is great!


  1. Have a great day, Anne. Looks like a great workout.

  2. Love the snarl!!! I don't like watered down food either...I would rather eat full fat, but less.

    Your gym looks like a torture chamber to me...I would be crying in three minutes. I have started doing 12 wall ups per day (please hold, am going to do them right now) ummm, I just did 12 and it felt fine, so I did 12 more. Yes! Maybe I will be able to do one real push up before I am 45.

    Yay to your shoulder being almost perfect! Love this.

    Great picture of the lady...powerhouse indeed!

  3. Thanks - ladies!
    About the fat - I would rather eat full-fat.....
    But more!

    That 70 year old lady - Wow - for sure!
    She does CrossFit 4 days a week!
    (And classes are an hour long)

  4. docent the almond milk have lots of carbs in IT don't see it in AUSTRALIA,

  5. Good point, walter ebdon - thanks!

    The sweetened almond milk is loaded with carbs.
    But the unsweetened almond milk - the one I tried -
    has only like 3 carbs per serving! And much less fat than
    Heavy Whipping Cream.

    Too bad ya can't get this Down Under!
    It's pretty good!

  6. Anne, everytime I drive by the CrossFit 'gym' in my neighborhood, I think of you!

    I think what people fail to realize about fat is that often a little bit of the real thing is so much more satisfying than a big portion of the low fat substitutes!

  7. With a rebel YELL! I think your Billy Idol is just fine.

    Yep, you are now the "face" of crossFit for me, too.

    have a great weekend!

  8. Way to go on the crossfit :) wish I could do it with ya :) Love the billy idol snarl lol wow on that 70 yr old he-woman :)

  9. The snarl is adorable Anne, watch out Billy. Smile*

  10. Well, I a guessing when you are 70, that if you keep this up, you will be running circles around the other pip squeaks!

  11. And Lo Carb is working for you! I so admire your consistency in this fight.

  12. LOVE the unsweetened vanilla almond breeze. We've been drinking it, cooking with it for over a year. But never saw it in those jugs before. Hmmm... that's cheaper than the "boxes" we get it in. Thanks, gonna have to look around.

  13. OMGosh I'm laughing out loud at the last line-- Your Billy Idol snarl... You are too funny, Anne.

    I give you big kudos for your major league workouts. They sound realllly tough! You go girl.

    Hope your shoulder is 100% very soon. Have a great weekend. xo jj


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