28 July 2011

a day for eating

Olive Garden Salad
Didn't eat the croutons.... DID have a
part of a bread stick.... the top part!
The garlic-butter part... needed more butter, tho!

So much for protein shakes.... nom nom nom


Chicken salad
Had some little bits of apple in it!

Sugar Free Fro Yo still has
30 grams of carbs!

4 g of sugar alcohols 

Cooling off in a hydrant - NYC style

Construction is everywhere

Kinda a before and after...

Hope your day is wonderful


  1. Sometimes you just gotta refeed. :D

  2. That first salad looks pretty good! :D

  3. A couple years ago you would not have been satisfied with the small portions you eat now.
    The salad looks so good.

    I make a chicken salad with apple and dried cranberries in it. So darn good.

  4. Looking forward to my day. It has started off well and I feel good. Wishing you a great day too, Anne!

  5. Eh- What 'cha gonna do?
    Too dang hot to be too strict!

    I didn't really think the Fro Yo had that many carbs.
    Sugar Free - and made with Splenda....
    Turns out it was "no sugar added"
    Lyin' dogz! Oh, well - live a learn!

  6. I didn't know the sf fro yo had that many carbs! Do you think some of the carbs are sugar alcohols and can technically be subtracted?

  7. Kelly - I went back and posted the picture of the label...
    I made the poor girl show me....
    4 grams of sugar alcohols...
    Still... not bad, I guess!
    I'm just spoiled cuz I like my own concoctions better!

  8. Wonderful adventures in food!

  9. I really haven't missed my frozen yogurt. i guess when you eat it every day for 18 months anything would lose it's pizazz

  10. After all this eating yesterday - I was barely hungry at all today!
    I thought the bread might cause "carb cravings" - but no!
    Might just be getting better, indeed!


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