23 August 2010

walk my love

I saw my love today                                      "Hi! Welcome to McDonald's. Can I help you?"
Sitting there, looking sooo damn good         "Was that a combo meal or just the sandwich?"

I asked my love to walk with me                 "Cash or debit? Did you need ketchup with that?"    
She couldn't walk. It's been so long             "Can I get that to go, please?"

I stay home from work to tend to her              "There is nothing in this house to eat!"
Shopping, chopping, moving, grooving           "What am I supposed to eat, then? What?!"

People look at us odd                                       "Mommy- That lady is eating in the car!"
When we are together - they are jealous and scoff      "Get a life! Did you get any on ya?"
So we hide away so no one knows how much               "You need the fat tax, honey!"

How much I need her and want her and think about her all the time       "You know what sounds good?"
And cry and can't concentrate when I have to wait to be with her        "Some diet ice cream - yum!"

If I could be in the store I could wander down the "wrong lane"          "Look at what I just found!"
And act surprised when we met, and put you in my cart                       "One bite won't hurt - it's organic"
Just in case - company comes over, or I work-out real hard             "I deserve a treat every now 'n then"
All the while planning a time when I could have you all to myself    "Live a little - don't be so spartan"

This is the love I've waited for and dreamed about                "Food cannot love you back"
I've got you under my skin. I wear your ring                 "I wear it on my body for everyone to see"
My heart, my mind, my soul. We are one                   "I'm so hungry I can't think.... I ate too much"
My first though, my last desire is for you                "I need to lose some weight!"

YouTube Video
Celtic Woman (Orla Fallon) - Siúil a Run (Walk My Love)
     I wish I was on yonder hill
'Tis there I'd sit and cry my fill
And every tear would turn a mill
      I'll sell my rock, I'll sell my reel
I'll sell my only spinning wheel
To buy my love a sword of steel
    I'll dye my petticoats - I'll dye them red
And 'round the port, I'll beg my bread
Until my parents shall wish me dead


  1. I wish, I wish, I wish in vain
    I wish I had my heart again
    And vainly think i'd not complain...

    And now my love has gone to France
    To try his fortune to advance
    If he e'r comes back 'tis but a chance

    go go go my love
    go quietly and peacefully
    go to the door and flee with me
    and may you go safely , my dear

  2. Here's to a start of a brand new week and to leaving all 11k calorie burgers behind.

    Have a good one, Anne H! Don't work too hard.

  3. The good news is that I DID resist!
    I already know it's not food I crave.
    I actually wrote this one about a year ago.
    Guess I got too busy to post it!

  4. A+ for resisting
    A++ for the creativity here
    A+++ for the Celtic Women linkage
    A++++ for the fun of it

  5. You're doing great. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  6. Glad you posted it now Anne, you had me at every word. fabulous for resisting. I love the Celtic Woman. I could listen over and over again. take care.have a great week.

  7. You are very creative, Anne and you have come a long way. Thanks for sharing that. Glad you didn't leave it in the "only for me" pile.

  8. You wore her
    around your neck
    like a harness

    But not now
    You've put her aside

    Pictures and words
    walking with you
    in this moon phase
    easily drape
    over your shoulders

  9. This is my fave post so far.
    Thanks for reading!


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