19 August 2010

the village

Yesterday, I crossed the Forbidden Line,
and ventured into the Other World.... the Woods.
And ate an abundance of Those We Do Not Speak Of.
I was on a Luscious Hunt! 
...as in hunting for something luscious

(Carbs - ok? There - I said it!)

Be cautious - you are wearing the bad color!
It attracts Those We Do Not Speak Of!
And attracts That Of Which We Do Not Speak.

(Here Carbie, Carbie, Carbie!)

I ate an entire bowl of steel-cut oats....
That Of Which We Do Not Speak Much Of About!
And then some peanut butter to seal the deal. 
I mean - to ward off any more intrusions by 
Those Of Whom We Do Not Speak of Much.

(Or DO we speak that much about it? 
Cuz now that you mention it.....)

Oh, and then there's this.
A What-A-Burger BBQ Cheddar
I can't believe I ate the whole thing!
Bun and all. Like *that!*

Please, sir, we must make haste!
I then called upon the powers of Magic -
As conjured up by the Monsters that live in the Other World.

(Come out, come out where ever you are!)

The Monsters somehow sensed that I was wearing the safe color
(The same color as before!)
And therefore granted me a safe passage back from the Other World.
Since I had apparently taken leave of my senses.
Or maybe I just wanted some oat meal!

Truth be told, I had skipped a few meals for a few days.
And it caught it with me.  As it always does.
Working lunches are fine once in a while.
But I know better than to expose myself to risk.

It seems to be a fool-proof system.
I can't fool it!
It might change forms but it always shows up.

So today was a modified fasting day...
One (only one) Monster and a ton of water.
Egg white protein  - no salmonella - 
A snack pack of nuts.
Even a bite of sf chocolate with red peppers.
Just in case some stray CH2O didn't get the memo!
And I'm off to enjoy a full night of quality sleep!

YouTube Video
The Village
Don't Let Them In
M Night Shyamalan

Hope your days are satisfying!


  1. Was I hungry today?
    Did I live somehow, anyway?
    Is it so wrong to eat carbs?
    No - I eat around 30 G a day.
    But this was well over 100 grams.
    Un planned for, at that.

    It's all good!

  2. Happy to hear you say its all good...cuz it is!

    Sweet Dreams and Sleep well.

  3. First. Do I love that movie? yes. I know better than to wear that bad color.

    What is the deal with burgers? yum yum yum.

    I'm thinking you had a little bit of what I'm going through..you go without stuff -food stuffs..for so long and the tension (deprivation) builds and builds, so that it sort of slingshots you in to carb / junkfood country.

    But we get back to reality. I'm working on finding some kind of balance.


  4. MMMM, steel-cut oats... your come in a big box? Chocolate with chile peppers, had it, love it, I want some, please.

  5. Just don't put yourself into a carb-coma, Anne. Is it my imagination, or are those Monster drinks getting bigger and bigger. (wink)

  6. I was thinking your stomach must hurt!! When I overindulge it takes me a day for sure to feel "normal" again

  7. Your day of wearing the safe color
    and eating those and that
    sounds much like
    the past six days in my life

    Good idea
    to semi-fast
    enjoy quality sleep

    Mind if I borrow your
    monster defeating plan?

  8. I hope it is all evening out for you now. Without the carb hangover.

    Interesting, the comment that said if you go without carbs too long, you feel deprived and then binge on them. I don't usually have that experience, cuz I have a treat EVERY day. I found something the I REALLY like, and even though it is sugar free, it tastes divine, and I feel like I have had something delicious and indulgent. And I am willing to not eat high carb stuff, knowing I can still have this daily. (sugarfree chocolate, Chocoperfection bars).

    Anyway, we are all different, so it takes different strategies. I'm positive you are on top of this, and will be just fine. You have come so far, and know how to do this.


  9. I was going to call this post
    "What To Do When You Mess Up"
    You get right back on track s soon as possible.

    By the way - I don't like chocolate -
    I can take or leave it....
    So it's not really a treat!
    Now, sugar-free yogurt is a treat.
    But not if it takes me out of ketosis.
    Or causes cravings all day.

    That is the real reward... the real treat!
    Feeling good....from ketosis - or balance!

    Mine was a simple case of not planning
    for more than a couple of days....
    And not eating at all!

    And now, back to bed!

  10. Have a good night sleep....why are we usually on here at the same time in the am, I mush have smelt that pic of the hamburger, that we be all it took. Good for you for getting right back to a better day. zzzzzzzzz, where am I.

  11. Read Patrick's comment slowly... My misspelling gaffe dujour...All good

  12. I love the way your wrote this post. :)

  13. Sometimes a girl's just gotta have a burger.
    Have a happy weekend Anne!

  14. Back on track is te most important thing for sure :)

  15. "Those we do not speak of." Shhhhhh. Oh yeah, get back on track as soon as possible. I know you'll do it.

  16. Yay - a week later - I can say - I did it!
    So far, so good!

  17. Still so far - so good!
    Must have been a *blimp* on the radar screen!

  18. Still all good, by the way!
    By the weigh!

  19. Love this post having now seen the movie!!


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